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  1. Well he texted me and it did break. Not sure after reading AT Omni's site if it will be warrantied or not. Its a bit convoluted. I offered him a free 80 percent receiver. He has a friend who has a jig. So he will end up with a aluminum unit. I did OK so no worries on the 80. I built two of my own and have several more put back. I bought them when they were 29 bucks.
  2. Thanks. I don't sell guns lower than what I paid for it. I have 300 in the freedom upper and currently they are unavailable form PSA unless they just got a shipment in. They are selling for last I saw 379 for the upper alone. The parts and buttstock assembly are worth about 35 to 40 for just the lower parts kit and I have another 50 into the butt stock and tube buffer ect. So all in I have around 470 into the gun. At 650 I am making a couple of bucks for my time buying and getting parts and building it. Not much. After my time I would say if there was 50 dollars profit in it that would be big at 650. I just did not want to sell it for 650 and they are going for 800 or some such thing. Sounds like at 650 its fair for both of us. I have decided to sell it to him. I have tried to search out on GB what ARs are going for and the prices have went up in the past couple of months and they are not as available as 3 months or so ago. I have no issue with the Omni but if I had to choose one I would sell the Omni [and will] and keep my metal ARs for later sales if prices spike from the election. I don't see why I have to take a loss on selling a gun to give someone a deal. That does not make any senses to me. If that is where the market is at when I want to sell I have to decide to keep it till things change or take the hit. I have held on to this for several years waiting for prices to go up. If I buy a stock in Exon I don't tell someone Well I bought it for this I will sell it to you for less than what the going rate is. That is just crazy and a good way to go broke. Buy low sell high. That is capitalism 101 and unlike the leftist idiots I support capitalism.
  3. Hello to everyone. I am new to this forum. I have a question. I have built several AR15s and one in particular I have an offer on and I think I am going to sell it. But with all the crap going on prices and sales are all over the place. Is this a fair deal for me and the buyer? I have an Omni lower with PSA upper freedom. I built the gun when prices were really low and have not all that much into the gun. My Omni is not the hybrid but the full poly early type. Omni said they have a life time warranty on these. A associate offered me 650 for it. I have only put one mag through it and its really new. The mag was just to make sure everything was working proper. I have several other ARs I am keeping and a few I may sell if the election goes against gun owners and prices pop. But this is one I just wanted to get rid of. So is that a fair all around price in today's market place? Thanks in advance for any guidance.
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