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  1. I just realized a 7mm rem mag and a 300 win mag use the same bolt face. I'm still open to suggestion on good actions to use for my build though.
  2. So, I want to build a bolt action rifle. I know I can buy one already made cheaper, but I really want to build my own and I want a 26" threaded barrel so I can use a muzzle break. I am looking to build a 7mm Rem Mag. I want a Savage or Remage action because of the way the barrel mates to the action. Does anyone know where I can find one of these actions? I found some long actions but none of them mention 7mm. I've seen 275 weatherby, 300 win mag and a huge list of others but no 7mm. Correct me if I'm wrong but the bolt face is the only thing that determines the caliber on an action correct? Thanks for any information and help you can provide.
  3. Thank you for that video. I had it all confused from reading. Hearing someone actually say it cleared it all up for me. I definitely want a FFP scope now that I understand it better. I was thinking the magnification adjustment on a FFP scope threw off your zero at long distances but I now know that is not the case. Again thank you for your help.
  4. Im new to long rang, just starting to work my out past 500 yards. Not long to some but up until about 6 months ago I had never shot beyond 150 yards. So, I may not be understanding what I think I'm understanding about FFP and SFP. I was led to believe that with FFP the reticle changes perceived size with power adjustment and that throws off the actual measurement of of your mil dots but with SFP the reticle is always the same size and therefore the reticle is always accurate in the measure of mils. Is this correct or have I misunderstood what I read?
  5. Why does it seem to be so hard to find a SFP scope with a Mil Dot reticle and Mil turrets? I want the same turrets as my reticle but all these manufactures seem to be insistent on putting MOA turrets on a scope that has a Mil Dot reticle. That just seems crazy to me. Why in God's name are they complicating it like that? Why would I want to do that conversion when I could just have a matching reticle and turrets and be set? Am I confused about turret and reticle operation and missing something here or are the manufacturers over complicating things? I found a few FFP scopes with matching reticle/turrets but I want a SFP scope. Can anyone suggest a SFP scope that is completely MRAD in the $700 or less range?
  6. I had thought strongly about 22-250. I just thought the overall length was too big to feed from AR15 magazines and I really want to stick with a 15 and not go up to a 10. I don't have anything against AR10s I just want all my rifles to be able to swap out parts readily. I saw one by olympic arms I believe but I don't know if it's milspec or all proprietary parts to make it work.
  7. What is the fastest commonly produced (no wildcats) round available in the AR15 platform? I've read some things that suggest it is the .22 Nosler, but those articles were also calling it the fastest .22, which lead me to think there might be a different caliber that is even faster. Anyway I just wanted to see what the thoughts of the community were. Thanks for any more knowledge you can provide!
  8. Just my 2 cents, but I would go with a 556/223 long before I got a PCC. Don't get me wrong PCCs can be super reliable and fun, I've shot tons of them and know a bunch of people who have them, I do not currently own one, but if you're going to use it as a defensive weapon and you're dead set on a pistol caliber just get a pistol. It's a lot more work moving a carbine length rifle through doorways and such than it is a pistol. I have a 16" 556 as my primary home defense weapon, but I'm constantly training with it, moving through doors, loading and dropping mags, going under tables and all kinds of other stuff. If you're willing to put in the time training though I personally feel a 556/223 carbine greatly outshines the pistol. Only if you are willing to put the training time in though. For under $800 there are a lot of options to choose from also in a 556/223 AR carbine. Anyway just thought I'd share my thoughts on the subject. Hope I was able to help some.
  9. May I ask why you use the 7.62 bolt? Also does that also mean your barrel is a type I or do the type II barrels work with the 7.62 bolt also? I ask because I had seen some things where there were issues with the 7.62 bolts until they developed the type II bolts and barrels with the .136 bolt face vs the 7.62 - .125 bolt face. I'm brand new to the 6.5 grendel and looking for all the information I can find. I just finished mine this evening but I used all the type II grendel stuff.
  10. I'm not sure yet. I really like the Sightmark Wraith. My friend has one and that one shot sight in mode is very cool. But I also like the Sig Whiskey 5 for more traditional style optics. A few others here and there but those are the main ones I'm looking at right now. I built it for hogs.
  11. Not yet. Just finished building it about 30 mins ago.
  12. 20" barrel. Radical firearms bolt carrier group and nada zero muzzle brake, Diamondback handguard, Spikes upper and Aero Precision lower. Marked up to 1200 yards. This one shoots a mite further. That last is a movie reference hopefully everyone gets.
  13. Thank you. After looking into it I have decided to go with a savage. Very cool and very pricey. I feel like I could have a really decent bolt action for the price of their upper. If I had a spare lower just sitting around I might consider it though. Thanks for the link though. Really cool uppers.
  14. Are there any bolt action systems out there similar to the AR platform in the sense of building the rifle? Such as the relative ease of changing the barrel and other parts on an AR compared to a typical bolt action. Mostly the barrel I guess. Something you can do with just a armorers wrench, a torque wrench and a vice without any other special equipment. Hopefully I worded that well enough for everyone to understand my question. I know what I'm thinking just not sure I'm wording it right 😆. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.
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