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  1. I think I ran across that today and thats where i saw all the .08 measurements then a few in the other extreme .108,but only a few. then other sights seconded the small and large but found lots stating .093ish
  2. Just out of curriousity if I had all the drill bits, short of going up .001 and testing, what size would you have drilled for an 18 inch .223 wylde with riffle gas tube?
  3. update... its alive. They did use his lower complete with his buffer setup and my mag and ammo. I used drill bits to check the size as best I could. then I started researching what size port was needed and found lots of conflicting info, both as low and around .08 and as high as .11, but I kept looking and found a few post where people with 18 inch barrels and riffle length gas tubes said that they needed .093 which was right in the middle of what the high and low and the most common answer. So I inserted a cleaning rod and used lube and drilled the barrel a little larger than the .093 they suggested. I used the .09375 drill bit I had. now it cycles and catches the bolt as it should with the stock buffer setup.
  4. with what bits i was able to find. 0.078125 (5/64) loose 0.09375 (3/32) to big update swapped gas rings with my ar but didnt test fire, took it back to psa and they test fired it with their mag and ammo using stock spring and it cycled in the indoor range. but wouldnt lock the bolt , they then tried my ammo and mag and it cycled .got home and rode to the farm and test fired it, same ammo and mag they used and it wouldnt even cycle. I didnt even bother to swap the spring as it worked at psa with the stock spring. Can I just not shoot? also, first time I've looked, but the brass doesnt look ripped or deforned in any way.
  5. Update... New gasblock and gas tube. double and triple checked gas tube alignment even has another set of eyes check over everything. No positive change. Even with using my shorter bufferspring the bolt catch has seemingly gotten less reliable. Gas key seems good and tight. Its staked so I'm scared to take it off and check torque. 1 thing of note the bolt was gritty even though it was well lubed. My friend noticed that. We tried the bolt in my carrier and vice a versa just to see where the grinding was coming from. We thought that maybe the rings were a little on the large side, but after him sliding the bolt in and out its carrier it loosened up not quite the same as my bolt but not noticable now. and it was smooth in and out. But even after getting the bolt to slide smoothly in the carrier it still wouldnt cycle with the normal spring and while no failure to feed, it did sometimes fail to lock the bolt open on last round. I'm kinda wondering if it might be a bad gas key, or maybe the gasport on the barrel is undersized?
  6. I see that now. or a drop goes a long way. I filled the hole then set the screw into it
  7. I got the gasblock off. I have to buy a new one. It turns out that the barrel was so hard that the drillbit walked in the bushing and ate the bushing up not giving a true hole, turns out it was off by a hair. maybe 1/16 at most from perfect. I pulled the bushing and used just the outside to determine thbe correct spot and drilled by hand placing the jig on every few seconds and adjusting to get the center of the hole in the jig that the bushing screwed into. will confirm gasblock is correct before loctiting again. I thought having the right tools made it idiot proof and I guess I'm just the better idiot and was sure it wasnt the gas block.
  8. ok. update. with the pistol buffer spring in his gun. passes the 1 round mag test. failed the 3 round quick shoot (didn't hold bolt open) passed 4 round quick shoot. so I guess the question is. is it harmful to shoot it with a pistol buffer spring? (i put over 200-300 through my gun with the same spring). also what does the shorter spring do to help it cycle?
  9. Ok guys. Im an idiot, but the question remains. I ordered and used a pistol buffer spring in my ar. But it works? it shouldn't work at all should it? I'm gonna try my pistol buffer spring in his gun with his buffer and see what happens. ill be back.
  10. So i wasnt that crazy for thinking that maybe the carriers were the same. I really had no clue and never looked that closely before because it just worked and there wasnt anything different.
  11. I could see having to drill the port, but wouldnt it fail to feed on all lowers? also Im not using reloads. I do have the stuff to roll my own, but havent messed with reloading in years. I doubt my powder is even still good.
  12. His buffer is 2.96 oz where as mine is 3.07 oz. I would call them both 3oz. his does use a milspec ~$4 sping where i bought a ~$13 strike industries flatwire spring.
  13. I placed silicone airline for air bubblers for aquariums on the tube in the reciever, and let the pump push air back into the block and into the barrel. I could hear the air in the barrel but couldnt feel it at either end as it has an a2 flash hider. I can only plug the chamber but with the flash hider and the low amount of air i cant feel the air coming out even when reciever is plugged with a finger. Sorry if Im not being clear.
  14. I was afraid that they were mirrored and wouldnt work I didnt know that the twisted backwards. This is my first lefty. Its 5.56 ammo out a 223 wylde barrel. ammo brand is federal if that makes a difference, I know not to test guns with wolf to tulammo, and other cheap ammo. I figured federal was a good "name" brand.
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