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  1. Thanks for the welcome. I'm upside down and frustrated with all of the madness and displaced aggression that casts negative light upon decent people that are just trying to live our lives. The attacks against the 2A community makes me want to tell out loud. It's great to know that someone else gets it.
  2. Bragg is a few hours east of me. I'm in a small town between there and Charlotte
  3. There are no words for this. Well there are, but nothing constructive. I'm fighting an uphill battle as an African American firearms enthusiast that considers range time to be quality family time. My frustration comes from the regular setbacks I experience while pushing for legal and responsible gun ownership and training in my community. Which is due to that type of nonesense to continue to occur. I get more pushback from those that have been reluctant to exercise their 2A because "guns are evil" I hurt for the families of those that are forced to deal with the devastation of losing a loved one to acts committed by parasites that should never be near a firearm that can never seem to actually hit the person they are actually shooting at. Sorry, just venting
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