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  1. Hey Sean, thanks! And I am sure I'll have some questions and need for advice...
  2. What led me here - Searched AR-15 and found several dedicated sites, this one looks to be quite good, so here I am Why the AR-15 - I have other weapons, pistols (9mm, 40), shotguns (12g Semi-Auto), and rifles (22LR, 22 mag, 308 bolt) I think I should add the AR platform. I can use it for hunting, fun shooting, and self defense in the home. Besides, it drives certain people nuts when they see scary looking "assault" rifles... Yep. I need an AR-15. Thanks for the huge amount of info. I'm still digesting it and trying to figure what components/kit I want to start with. I will do an 80% lower for sure. I have tools, will purchase what I need, and a jig. Looks like the router jigs are the way to go and that's fine with me. I assume my sons will also wish to build so the jig price per gun gets better...
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