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  1. Awesome. Thank you so much! one reason I’m thinking about getting rid of this is I’d rather have one with a rail on the upper for optics (vs mounting in the handle). Would you recommend selling and buying something else a little cheaper with the rail or adding a new upper on this one?
  2. Thank you, this is great. So it’s from some time between 2002-2004. Any idea on value? I have everything but the box , and I don’t think the manual I have is for this exact gun (but a very similar colt).
  3. I bought this about a year ago and have never shot it, the gun has never been fired. When I purchased it did not have a box so I am unsure of the specific model number , though I believe it to be a colt le6920 from assault rifle ban era. (New old stock). If anyone knows exactly what model this is, and what it’s be worth if I sold it myself or what to look for value wise on a trade with a gun shop that would be really helpful. I am a novice with these rifles, so any input is appreciated. Thanks in advance. Also. Can I shoot 5.56 out of this even though it’s stamped 223? They sold me 556 when I bought the gun, but I’m doubting that I can (or should) put 556 through it.
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