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  1. Yeah it’s my understanding that one wants the heaviest buffer with the gun still functioning correctly. But on the other hand I read that some comp shooters put light weight buffers to reduce recoil. So Me being new to building my own rifle, I have no idea what to go with and I don’t want to spend a bunch of money buying all different types of buffers. thanks for the reply
  2. I just ordered a BCM MK2 Standard 14.5" Mid Length Upper Receiver Group w/ MCMR-13 Handguard, I would like to know what weight buffer I should get for the least amount of recoil. I’m putting a precision armament Hypertap Muzzle Brake on it too. I also ordered a PSA lower build kit. I’m not sure what buffer comes with it. But I’d like to get a different one anyways. The PSA build kit is just a place holder for now. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated. thanks
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