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  1. Okay, I think I've managed to figure out how to post pics. The ejector rod in the pic is actually stainless, not DLC black like my Night Guard. Colt said they will send me a replacement when they get back from getting DLC coated. As you can see, the "knob" with the knurling now has a slight edge on the bottom. Previously, the knurling was the only thing that contacted the opening of the crane and would sometimes get stuck. So far, this has fixed the problem for me. I know some people aren't impressed with the knurling... I agree. But I carry this gun as a backup and just want the gun to function. Now it does.
  2. Honestly the new rods look almost identical to the old ones. The knurled end is just a hair larger, so that it’s not just the knurling hitting the crane on ejection. I would post an image, but I’m having difficulty doing so. If I can figure it out, I’ll make sure to post a few.
  3. I saw this thread recently when I was looking up solutions to my Colt Night Cobra’s ejector rod issues. I was having the same problem of it getting stuck in the crane. FYI, I contacted Colt and after sending the revolver back to them they failed to fix the problem. After beating on my chest and complaining to the right people, they offered to send me some new ejector rods with “larger” ends they should fix the problem (for free). After receiving the new parts, I can confirm it does fix the issue. So if anyone reads this and has an issue with the ejector rod sticking, contact Colt and ask for the new ejector rod with the larger end. Anyway, I hope this helps anyone who is having problems. Cheers.
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