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  1. I can’t find where I read it, but I remember seeing something that said using .223 in a pistol was not the best idea because of the lower pressure versus the 5.56. Any truth to this or will .223 work fine? This is just trying to find some stuff to shoot at the range.
  2. So long story short, I was selling my utility trailer and somebody asked if I wanted to trade it for a Ruger 556 pistol. I’d never given much thought into getting an AR, but it was enough to get me looking into it them. Guy ended up ghosting on me, but I went ahead started down the AR road on my own. The other night I ordered a 10.5 kit from PSA and this morning I went to the local Shoot Point Blank and got an Anderson lower. Turns out I was able to support two local businesses and avoid the online/FFL expense. Shoot Point Blank is all over now, but it started and is HQ’ed about 15 miles from my house. I also discovered that Anderson is right across the Ohio River in Kentucky. So, my first AR and I’ll be building it myself, but I’m an Engineer and I’ve been binging YouTube videos so I think I’ll be alright.
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