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  1. Yah.. But this ol' man is more comfy with semi-auto.. Easier on the old bones. At least the way I build them they are..
  2. I will have to look into that 45 Raptor. Have not seen anything about it yet. But then again. I have around 300 rounds of .44 RM that I need to put to use.
  3. Hello Greg, I am familiar with the MP5 options and inclusions. I at one time was tempted to pickup an MP5 select fire in the .40 S&W because I had the first of my 2 PT101s in .40 S&W for a duty weapon. My certi scores with it while carrying it where 94% first time to 97% after. We had a gang activity increase here that resulted in an increase of related crimes including assaults against security personnel and this led us to enhancing our armament. My partner got his cert for a Mac11 Select to carry during gang initiation periods and we both pursued .44 magnum sidearms. I was in the process for my stamp to get the .40 MP5 when the VA said it was time for me to retire. At that time it had been about 2 years that the two of us where the only armed security folks in NM who held .44 Magnum certs. Mine was at 97% because at shove off 2 rounds fired the shock wave off the muzzle of my DE44 knocked the target backing loose of the frame letting the target fall as my second round grazing the head of the target silhouette. As if I would need to fire a second round with a .44 mag! APD (City Police) who know me still rib me over that.. I do competitions with them from time to time. We have an unofficial builder club. Lots of LE and quite a few former LE/Security and other L.A.Cs. who build our own (yeah. 80% builders) to see who can build the best shooting rifle, carbine, or pistol for a given event. Not to brag too much but I have a few winners in my safe. Been building a few years now. Have one more caliber to build.. .44 mag or ??. Still discussing at club. If I can find a barrel for the .44 that will fit an AR-15 receiver I am seriously thinking of building one even if just to show up an APD officer who took to the DE44 after my certs beat his my first time out at certifications. He was shooting the S&W 29 in .44 Remington Magnum as one of the gang intervention officers. His cert score was 92% I think.. Low 90s. He is also over 6 feet tall. I am 5'7".. He got a bit of ribbing back then too. My big mitts like big grips. LOL... Sounds dirty don't it?
  4. I myself was disappointed in the 10MM performance against windshields and surprised by how well the same bullet with only the powder the .40 S&W cartridge held could. I have a G22/.40, a G31/.357 SIG/& a G20/10MM in side arms but our principle family preference in hand guns are the .40 S&W. We have a SS Ruger SR40C (my wife's) 2 Taurus PT101s. My old duty weapon (Old Black finish) and my personal CCW in SS. My Glock pieces work as side arm carries in combo with the carbine that shoots same caliber using the same magazines giving me dual use and versatility in the field. I found the 10 MM is intimidating due to it's similarity in size to a .45 and functional for varmint shooting/hunting in various environments where a little more punch is desirable. IE: Razorback/Wild Bore for eating or Coyote for population reduction. ETC.
  5. That was one of the reasons they used but knowing a number of FBI agents personally from my LE days lets me in on more of the not so publicized reasons.. I have about 1 1/2 years as a Texas RDS and over 7 1/2 years in NM as licensed armed and certified security including managing an armed security company until I retired. Met a lot of FBI here during my time in the security business due to licensing and certifications we used.
  6. Maybe a run of semi-fresh posts will revive the subject?? I can only hope.. :<)
  7. I now.. Years late and thousands of dollars short! Eh?? LOL But there seems to be SUM readers???
  8. On the subject of the .44 magnum AR-15. I have this dream too. Have had it since I gave up my Ruger .44 Magnum 4 shot carbine years ago. I began looking for an option again after finding that someone has developed and produced a 10 round magazine for both of Ruger's .44 Magnum Carbines because these magazines are priced a bit out of the average shooter's reach at $140.00 ea. Among my findings over the past year and a half or so is the AR-410 shotgun. These are made by two companies I had heard of. IFC and ATI. There is a third marketed by Charles Daly that is apparently imported from somewhere in Europe... I purchased an IFC upper assembly and then bought the ATI Omni Maxx 5 and 15 round magazines for it because they had much better reviews than the IFC brand mags. The reason I bring this up is because of the "Rimmed" case aspect of both the .410 Shotgun rounds and the .44 Remington Magnum rounds. ATI has an effective fix for this in their magazine design that helps you insure the rounds are properly loaded in the magazine for cycling through a semi-auto AR-15 Lower Receiver. The AR-410 upper assemblies are available as non NFA'/FFL items or as FFL complete guns. With the rimmed cartridges all you have to do with a boxed magazine is insure that each round is seated at the back of the magazine with it's rim in front of the rim of the round below it. The follower in the .410 magazines has a centralized cradle the first round sits in that keeps the rounds orientated correctly since they feed as single stack. This would apply directly to .44 Remington Magnum but a shorter cartridge length will require a magazine modification similar to AR-15 .22 caliber conversions as well as the early 9mm mods. The magazine will need a shortened center cradle follower that allows the rounds to seat to the full rear of the mag at the top while allowing the rounds to follow a slight increase in curve for mag capacities over 10 rounds. This would all be internal to the mag so the magazines can be the original AR-15 20 to 30 round magazine cases depending on capacity goal. Like with the AR-410 mags. A 15 round AR-410 mag is about 2.125 inches longer than a 30 round .223/5.56/.300BO mag with a slightly higher bullet end than rim end to offset the rim diameter as they feed. I would think that would give us about 20 rounds of .44 magnum in a magazine around the same length as the 15 round AR-410 magazines. Now. Barrel and Bolt. AR-15 BCGs use a rotating locking lug bolt not far off the design of the Desert Eagle .44 Rem Mag pistols. It seems logical that finding one of the many AR-15 Bolt heads that has an internal diameter that will allow the .44 Rem Mag case to seat the rim snugly into the pocket so the extractor holds the rim and the ejector piston and spring provide the needed pressure & movement once the cartridge or spent case clears the lugs feeding the chamber will kick the round/case out of the ejection port. Combine this will one of the larger ejection port upper receivers like the 450 BM or 458 Socom would make a paired set to take a properly fitted and chambered .44 Rem Mag AR-15 Fitted barrel. This would also allow gas cycling like used in the DE 44 and 50 pistols. BCGs, Buffer tubes and buffers and springs for the AR-15 provide plenty of tune-ability for the wide range of ammo these weapons can use. If anyone knows where I can get a 16 inch AR-15 barrel that has enough chamber area material and a bore the .44 bullet can use I would like to know so I can check the options for the barrel or barrels found. I am thinking the specs on the .450 BM will be too loose for the .44 Magnum and of course the chamber is far too long and too large in diameter for the .44 RM case. Probably not near as loose as the 40 S&W with a 9MM cartridge.. A poke at a movie where the bad guy gets duped by the good guy when the good guy switches his 9MM out for the bad guy's .40 S&W mag.. Bad guy stands there staring when his gun doesn't go bang.. Anyone out there got any more information to add? Barrel sources that may meet the needs I listed? Other options? And no. I'm not so crazy to try to ream a 10MM barrel out to take a .44 RemMag cartridge. The chamber support is not long enough and the barrel does not support a gas system. Taking a 9MM PC barrel to a .357 SIG Chamber is not a big step. And the bore is the same where the .40 S&W and 10MM bore are too tight for the .44. I am Ludicrus but I am not crazy!
  9. A previous poster made reference to 10mm would be sweeeeeet. As it happens this is no longer a dream. It is a fact! There are production 10MM AR-15 barrels available from several companies including New Frontier. They come in pistol and rifle or carbine lengths. They also make the .40 S&W barrel in pistol and rifle/carbine lengths. Both use the same BCG since the 10MM and 40 S&W cases are identical rim and extractor specs. Just an Easter egg.... Did you know that the 10MM and .40 S&W actually use the same bullets? It goes back to the origination of the 10MM and the FBI. Long story short. 10MM had too much punch for most agents. They had too hard a time certifying with 10MM so FBI went for an optional slightly shorter and slightly less powder .40 S&W round which had near enough the punch they wanted but had the handling they needed so all agents could qualify with it..
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