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  1. Ha, I could have used a third hand to help. I do like the 3.5-4 pound trigger pull. Nice and crisp. Hey, is there a photo section on the forum, i'd like to post a pic or two of my build.
  2. Well, the trigger I installed was from a kit...what a PITA to install lol. Next time I'm buying a drop in trigger. Found out the pre built upper I bought didn't use any anti seize or Aeroshell for the muzzle threads. Finally got the muzzle brake off.
  3. Thanks Sean. I was reading through posts and got a good vibe feeling from the members on here. It looks to be helpful to me, and I will be asking questions eventually. Thanks for the warm welcome.
  4. Hey everyone! Excited to meet some fellow Michiganders here.
  5. New member here. I've been browsing the site for a week or so, and enjoy seeing all the help members get when they have questions. I also like seeing things not getting political in threads. Anyway, I joined because I'm building my first AR15. From what little is left online as far as a fully built AR, I figured I could build mine the way I want, and maybe do it for less than a prebuilt model. I have cerakoted parts on order, MOE lower build kit, and a full upper, less the BCG, and charge handle. Glad to be part of this group.
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