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  1. so i've heard; just recieved 4-40 set screw and bit now need to locate a hand wrench that will accommodate the bit...
  2. i have a chromebook, will give imagur a try. Thanks!
  3. ...try as i might to keep it "anonymous", my brother in law made the lower. he has made several and gave me the last one. he is a life long gun owner, experienced mechanic and a range master. he assures me it will function perfectly fine; but for the spring and pin, the lower fits snugly into the stock and upper. he made it of aluminum. if i could upload a picture i would but can't figure out how or if you can on this site.
  4. certainly will! my next challenge is finding 223 in stock - just received two mags in mail this afternoon, california compliant of course...
  5. Morning! my brother-in-law has made several lowers and all operate fine. before leaving their home he gave me his last lower. once i got home, ordered upper and stock, assembled realizing the spring and pin were missing i called him. that's what he told me and i have no reason to question his honesty or talent with a lathe. he being a range master also gives me full faith and credit in his knowledge and capability. i receive the parts kit recommended in a day or two. will let you know how it operates soon! Thank you for your support, expertise and advice!!
  6. yes. I called the maker - turns out the unbranded lower did have the pin and spring but fell out and rolled away under a gun safe....
  7. ahhhhh - the set screw holds the pin and spring in place securing the lower "set pin" to the upper as well as making it easier when attaching the end plate/buffer tube.
  8. good to know these work arounds!
  9. so instead, insert a set screw and the spring, clip off 3 coils and that's it?
  10. Thanks for the video! Every visit is a great learning for this newbie. Thanks!
  11. Thank you all! The video is great; i purchased the part kit from optics 20. Again, thank you for your assistance!
  12. I won't...are these parts also interchangeable; my lower is unbranded, contacted maker to see if he has the parts. Are they common enough to purchase from any gun store?
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