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  1. Chilidawg thanks for the recommendations and pics. Helped out a lot!
  2. I zoomed in on the pic and have a pretty good idea of the mounting. New to AR’s so it takes me a while to catch on. Thanks!
  3. Looks good chilidawg. Thanks for the info and pic. Going to check that option out, Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the info and suggestion. I’ll probably go with the Magpul. Still looking at a WML not sure which one to go with.
  5. Sean thanks for the reply and info. Do I need any special tool to remove the hand guard? Thinking about that Magpul MLOK like you mentioned.
  6. Thinking of adding a mounted flash light to my S&W M&P Sport. Could use some suggestions on the correct way to mount a light, what is needed as far as accessory/tool(s) and a good mid-priced light to start with. Does the handguard need to be changed? I've seen the Magpul MLOK style handguard. Would this be a good option? Are there any other options I should checkout?
  7. I probably should keep my check book with me...lol.
  8. Thanks! Ammo is hard to find lately. Already bought 3 30 rd mags. Going to pick up more ammo and mags soon.
  9. Thanks for supporting a newbie..definitely appreciate it!!
  10. Got it....no c**p. Thanks for the heads up!
  11. First, would like to thank everyone for the helpful tips and advice. Second, I appreciate everyone not flaming the newbie regarding “sighting in” an AR. After a little research I’ve discovered the correct term is zero(ing) in. Still have a lot to learn....lol.
  12. All good Joel. Being a newbie I didn’t understand.
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