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  1. I agree with you that both parties are pushing each other to the extremes. I’m a centrist, so I think both ends are bat crap crazy.
  2. The “rig” is a nice excuse for people who can’t accept defeat. I didn’t care for Hillary, and I am no Biden fan. People are stuck choosing between 2 evils, and more people chose Biden. That says a lot about what they think about Trump.
  3. It really shows the degree the populace didn’t care for Trump... considering that a little over 4 years ago more people voted for Hillary and this past November more people voted for Biden. When you see Biden in the White House and it rubs you the wrong way, remember that this is a direct result of Trump failing to appeal the majority.
  4. Is this only the Pfizer vaccine, or the others too?
  5. For the record, I don’t ever recall stating that I am a Biden supporter. I personally don’t really care for the guy. I also wanted to let you know that it has been very amusing to see you have such an epic meltdown. Your constant focus on Biden’s bowels and Kampala’s sex life cracks me up. Your Internet tough guy act is hilarious too. Once again, please keep the thread on topic and adhere to forum rules. Feel free to PM me if you have personal issues with me. Take care.
  6. No need to let your lack of self control and internet tough guy ethos cloud the thread topic. Keep it on point, son.
  7. All systems need to be winterized appropriately to perform in extreme weather events. Failing to winterize your system and have appropriate back up systems is the culprit. TX has know about this issue for years and has ignored it. Anyone who thinks it is “green energy’s fault” has blinders on.
  8. The “let’s blame green energy” crowd is simply the latest group to create a conspiracy theory to deflect/misinform/confuse people to what really happened. It’s a typical alt news angle that works on people’s political emotions. Unfortunately it’s just that. The bottom line is that TX has a unique power system that was established to avoid having to follow federal regulations. With this freedom, comes the burden of self reliance and one’s own preparedness. TX failed in that regard. Below is a report from 2011, outlining the issues TX has had for years, which continue to this day. It shouldn’t be surprising when the 2021 investigations yield a report that has the same findings because TX has consistently failed to prepare their independent grid for the cold. https://www.ferc.gov/sites/default/files/2020-05/ReportontheSouthwestColdWeatherEventfromFebruary2011Report.pdf TX knew that winter storms would cause outages and blackouts, as they always had. They just didn’t expect a storm this large/widespread. TX failed to get their “house in order”. It is as simple as that.
  9. Your attempt at trying to be the smartest guy in the room isn’t getting us any closer to the truth. In typical fashion, you’ve picked the one explanation that aligns with your political sensibilities. That being said, both TX and the Feds are going to investigate this mess. Maybe some clearer answers will be available then.
  10. Texas Electric Bills Were $28 Billion Higher Under Deregulation ...”Those deregulated Texas residential consumers paid $28 billion more for their power since 2004 than they would have paid at the rates charged to the customers of the state’s traditional utilities, according to the Journal’s analysis of data from the federal Energy Information Administration.”.... https://www.wsj.com/articles/texas-electric-bills-were-28-billion-higher-under-deregulation-11614162780
  11. If they increased their available power, there is no indication that this crap show would have been avoided. Seems like a convenient scapegoat.... If TX wants energy independence, then they need to accept the resulting accountability that comes with it (mistakes and all).
  12. The lack of winterization of power plants and sub par building specs for cold temps has little to do with this. It’s a nice political excuse for years of wishful thinking. Texas wanted energy independence and deregulation... they ended up with poor preparedness.
  13. My understanding of the “let the faucet drip” technique, is that it is for when the faucet isn’t in freezing temps, but some of the pipes are. Like you said, if the faucet is in freezing temps, a drip will likely not be good enough.
  14. I am curious if the deregulation of the electric industry in TX will continue. I heard there will be a federal and State investigations on the matter. What will come to light might not be pretty, and my guess is that the energy tycoons may not be trusted to “do the right thing”, when it will influence their profit margin. I am also curious how building codes will change, or not.
  15. Glad everything worked out for you, and thanks for the insight.
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