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  1. I have the full sized, 4”. I am also using a tlr-7a, but I have DPP for a dot on mine.
  2. Winkel, did you decide on anything? Based on your previous post, I would suggest an optics ready CZ p10c. I have one without a dot on it and it is a phenomenal firearm.
  3. Enjoy your vacation for digging up an old post just to piss in someone's Wheaties. Kind regards, TT
  4. No doubt. It was the timing that I was commenting on.
  5. Massage parlor shootings recently certainly didn't help things.
  6. If you are saying it to annoy Rampy, I am all for it.
  7. I never thought I would watch a video of 2 guys eating nuts.... Good review. Thanks.
  8. Keep it up principal. Time outs follow posts like this one tt
  9. Yes, I can imagine how frustrating it is to truly believe in your emotional core that there was widespread election fraud, that falsely put Biden in office, with zero evidence of such. My heart goes out to you.
  10. How about some substance in lieu of the line that you grossly overuse?
  11. I don’t know what you are trying to get at here.... Of course if someone on the scene was armed he would have had less of a chance to do what he did. My guess is that he knew there was a low likelihood of anyone being armed from getting rub and tugs at these places, and even if anyone had access to a firearm, it was an ambush that was quick and without warning.
  12. You clearly have no understanding of the differences between hammer and striker fired guns.... I’m still waiting for you to explain that one, LOL!
  13. Yes, it came out 3 weeks ago and has received glowing reviews; an improvement over the classic PPQ, which needs no introduction. I would assume that anyone looking for a recommendation on the Internet would do their research.... Just as I would assume that you would put more attention into reading the OP before recommending a $2400 hammer fired 2011, when he asked about a striker fired weapons and was looking at models 1/4 the price. I’m not even going to get into that ridiculous follow up post you made about optic plates...... Next time I will assume less of you; if that’s even possible.
  14. My guess is that they would have been sitting ducks regardless.
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