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  1. Good morning gents. Wonder what kinda trouble Recondo got into this morning.
  2. Hey Ram Rod, I had the same problem with pictures and Tapatalk not working. I think the easiest workaround is using “Imgur.” I know it’s a pain but you gotta show us these upgrades on the build! Pics or it didn’t happen you know the rules.
  3. Was looking through clearance on optics planet and came across this funny “upgrade.” Anyone seen one on an AR before? Or even online?
  4. Lowest shot up from 3.49 to $4 everywhere in a day
  5. I’m a little late but I can’t express how helpful this forum has been in terms of when I built my AR. I think that while it seems like the forum is getting gunked up with political stuff, that’s not necessarily true. It ebbs and flows. Like talking to a friend, some days you have more to talk about or different things to talk about than others and while this forum is called ar15armory it is more about the culture and community of men and women who have an appreciation for weaponry. The search function and the endless archives will give anyone interested in firearms plenty of content to enjoy and a lot to be learned as well. Every organization is flawed but whenever I post about firearms, I get plenty of helpful replies that stay on topic. That’s a good enough indicator to me, although anecdotal.
  6. I’ve thought many times about how I would like to keep an AR pistol or even a smaller rifle in my truck but I could not think of any reasonable way to do so without bolting a mount to the sheet metal behind my rear seats and then locking it to the mount. Leaving a loaded gun easily accessible to others used to be a pretty standard no-no where I’m from.
  7. Aw jeez. I didn’t know it was discounted in the first place. If you haven’t tried the $1+ your way menu items yet (excluding the rodeo burger) it’s definitely worth it. Being a college kid able to get 2 8 pc chicken nuggets and a burger for like 6 bucks is pretty awesome.
  8. Any ETA on when Tapatalk will be back up? Just easier to access from mobile.
  9. Good morning you ghouls Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. [mention]redbarron06 [/mention] that sounds like a plan. My nearest range is like 45 minutes away so it’s a pain but when I get back out there, I will attempt to zero in again at 25 and then update on the accuracy. After some reading yesterday I did also conclude that it could have been due to the ammo I’m using as well. I was shooting 55 grain and my barrel is a 1 to 7 twist. So that could explain a degree of the inaccuracy. Regardless of that, I’ll start back at the basics. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Wow idk I guess I just overestimated the general accuracy of AR 15’s. I assumed since the military uses m4’s and they espouse an accuracy of up to 500m that my 16” ar should be pretty accurate at 100 yards, which by the looks of the paper I posted and the hits I was getting is not true at the moment. The only other rifles I’ve really had experience with an AR that some ex military guy built for my family and I could hit a 5 in steel plate at 100 yards pretty consistently while standing with irons. The other rifle is my 243 which I can hit a 5 in steel at 300 yds pretty consistently. I really feel like I’ve either been misguided by firing really high quality guns otherwise or that I just really messed up with my barrel selection. You shoot competitively though GL, I imagine you are quite the marksmen and builder. Is consistent 100 yard shots really out of the question? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Good point. Thanks for the heads up. Would it be more practical to just purchase a good 1-4 optic then? I would think a good spotter scope costs about the same. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Oh yeah and one thing I guess I could do instead of getting an optic to get a better feel for the accuracy of the rifle is just to use some binoculars to check where my shots are landing without having to walk out there every shot. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. [mention]Retcop [/mention] thanks for the recommendations on sights. I am pretty interested in a 1-4x probably. I need to research brands some more and find one for a decent price. I also will have to 1/3 cowitness with the iron sights ive got. The DD irons I have come up pretty high, about 1 3/8 inches. Regarding an update. The barrel is pretty shat I have concluded. I think every other part of my build is solid enough but this rifle is not very accurate. Here’s a picture of the target when I zeroed it. Zeroed at about 100 yards. The strays are probably just from when I tried rapid fire for accuracy/fun Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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