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  1. Good morning you ghouls Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. [mention]redbarron06 [/mention] that sounds like a plan. My nearest range is like 45 minutes away so it’s a pain but when I get back out there, I will attempt to zero in again at 25 and then update on the accuracy. After some reading yesterday I did also conclude that it could have been due to the ammo I’m using as well. I was shooting 55 grain and my barrel is a 1 to 7 twist. So that could explain a degree of the inaccuracy. Regardless of that, I’ll start back at the basics. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Wow idk I guess I just overestimated the general accuracy of AR 15’s. I assumed since the military uses m4’s and they espouse an accuracy of up to 500m that my 16” ar should be pretty accurate at 100 yards, which by the looks of the paper I posted and the hits I was getting is not true at the moment. The only other rifles I’ve really had experience with an AR that some ex military guy built for my family and I could hit a 5 in steel plate at 100 yards pretty consistently while standing with irons. The other rifle is my 243 which I can hit a 5 in steel at 300 yds pretty consistently. I really feel like I’ve either been misguided by firing really high quality guns otherwise or that I just really messed up with my barrel selection. You shoot competitively though GL, I imagine you are quite the marksmen and builder. Is consistent 100 yard shots really out of the question? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Good point. Thanks for the heads up. Would it be more practical to just purchase a good 1-4 optic then? I would think a good spotter scope costs about the same. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Oh yeah and one thing I guess I could do instead of getting an optic to get a better feel for the accuracy of the rifle is just to use some binoculars to check where my shots are landing without having to walk out there every shot. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. [mention]Retcop [/mention] thanks for the recommendations on sights. I am pretty interested in a 1-4x probably. I need to research brands some more and find one for a decent price. I also will have to 1/3 cowitness with the iron sights ive got. The DD irons I have come up pretty high, about 1 3/8 inches. Regarding an update. The barrel is pretty shat I have concluded. I think every other part of my build is solid enough but this rifle is not very accurate. Here’s a picture of the target when I zeroed it. Zeroed at about 100 yards. The strays are probably just from when I tried rapid fire for accuracy/fun Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. [mention]GeeDub [/mention] hey man. Awesome to hear that you have also completed a build for the first time recently. I’d love to see a picture of your rifle as well. Here are a few more of mine.
  8. It is also worth noting that the prior problem with the mag catch has been resolved. I had to file it down with a bastiage file. Now it’s smooth cycling mags. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Thanks for asking Doc! Sorry I’m just now seeing this. Been a busy year since school started back. I finally took it to the range a few weeks ago and popped off my first few rounds! And then some more of course! I did my best to zero it but just with irons. It didn’t seem as accurate as most rifles I’ve shot. I imagine it has to do with the barrel I cheaped out on but I am going to get a decent magnifier optic and try to do some further investigation. I would also have to say that my hand guard came a little loose which is to be expected as it isn’t of the greatest quality either. I am looking into another free float guard that has better securement than the tooth lock washer and small nut on each side that “holds” this one in place. Any recommendation on an optic would be greatly appreciated and thanks again for asking about the rifle. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Hey everyone. I got a job at Home Depot for the summer and finished my first build a week or two ago which I posted. I’m really happy with it although I haven’t been able to shoot it yet. Phil Mickelson won the major so I guess that was cool too. I’m not a huge golf fan but sitting around with some family I ended up finding out some information about SBR’s. I’ve gotta say, why would you ever build one? Once I found out about the pistol brace thing, it’s kinda like a no brainer. Any length rifle with a pistol brace and it’s a pistol? Cool, no 200 dollar tax stamp thank you. If I’m wrong please correct me but you guys know I’ve got the itch now so help me scratch it haha. Also I have a question, how did people assemble their own guns at home before the AR platform? I imagine it must’ve been not a common thing huh? Hope everyone is well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Good relaxing saturday morning from Midwest GA!
  12. My condolences as well. Sometimes we just can’t reason things and that’s alright. We can’t always make sense of it all and that’s just the way it is. We can’t control others no matter how we try and we can’t ask all of the what if’s. That thinking reflects our perception of reality, not always what it really was. There’s too many unknowns. You have to be a tough gentleman to get through all of that. Although I can’t imagine being in your shoes, I know the only course of action is to keep trying to enjoy what I love and work through my grief. You sound like a good dad and a good man. This too shall pass. We are all here to listen should you ever want to talk about anything. Music, nature, and time in my faith usually help me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. There’s always hope good on you Tow with that nice tipping. It’s kindness that’ll kill this beast before anything else. People have to be reminded we can still make choices and you’re a living reminder for them. I’m sure we all are trying to do the same as you. Disobey civilly. Thanks for sharing the stories. They always entertain.
  14. Finally finished gentlemen! Summary: this is a lot harder than it looks. Lots of respect for builders from scratch. I definitely marred up the finish on the upper a little when putting the barrel on but I learned the 2x4 in between the pin holes vise trick now so should be easier in the future. Let’s hope this barrel doesn’t suck like some have suggested it will. The rifle feels pretty sturdy to me but what do I know. The mag catch is a little sticky and gets stuck sometimes (very rarely after lubing it and using it enough that I think I’ve worn down the catch spot.) and hell I don’t know enough to know much outside of that. It will chamber a round but I’m going to get the headspace checked as well as everything else in general to make sure I didn’t royally mess up. I torqued the castle nut to 35ftlbs and staked it with a nail sinker punch. A fun little problem I had when assembling the lower yesterday was that I tried to screw the buffer tube past the retainer screw, that’s a no bueno I guess because it the tube was almost stuck. I had about a 1/16th hole I had to stick my smallest screwdriver through to push down the retainer and spring and effectively release the buffer tube so that I could unscrew it to the proper length where it just covered the lower edge of the retainer, not the pin. I feel pretty good that I really understand the rifle a lot better than most shooters because all they do is buy and shoot. I built this and I feel proud. Thanks for all the help along the way and let’s hope this gun does what it’s supposed to. The barrel is 556 not 223 or 223 wylde, although it is from bear creek Arsenal and I stupidly bought a 1:7 twist bc I didn’t pay good enough attention. The BCG is no name but it is MPI/HPT tested, shot peened, gas keys staked, and nitride coated. Mid length gas and standard buffer weight. BCM flash hider. Everything should be good. I think lol. Let me know what you think, good and inevitably bad as well. I had to buy all the parts for the gun and then you would need: a vise, some wood or receiver blocks, a torque wrench (not necessary, absolutely recommended), soft hammer (brass or rubber) and punch set, rags, anti seize lube, a few screwdrivers might help and a lot of patience! A great learning experience though. :/ total cost was about a thousand bucks. At the very least I’ll replace the barrel later on. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. That’s alright. I’ve got a stock normal charging handle. I thought you might have one of the Gucci ones you were just willing to let me have for shipping. No sweat. Thanks for the offer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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