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  1. If it had locktight, it doesn't now because I got it glowing red a couple times. I cannot keep it on because I need to install a different style barrel nut. I'm changing the grip from an A2 to a free float. I have thought of this, because it'll probably be easier to trim it on the barrel anyway, but eventually it will have to come of. It's a M&P15 sport II btw
  2. Im having trouble removing the pins from my front sight block. I already measured the pins with a micrometer to make sure I am hitting them the right direction. One side measured 3.23mm and the other 3.72mm, I am hitting the 3.32mm side. First I tried a 16 oz. hammer, didn't work, then I moved on to a 4lb miller hammer, nothing. I even tried to use heat and soaking it in liquid wrench. Nothing has worked so far and the pins have not budged one bit. I would like to remove the FSB in one piece because I want to cut the sight off and use it as a low pro block. Any ideas or tips would be greatly appreciated.
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