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  1. None of my current adjustable gas blocks have set screws. There is a detent for each click. I have never had one move.
  2. Agreed. I only have one can at the moment, so it gets shuffled a fair amount. Hence the need for more frequent adjustments. Once I finish my 300 BO or get another can, should be less adjustments. My 308 will cycle with or without the can, but my 6.5 grendel gets way overgassed when the can is on it unless it gets dialed down. The ironic thing is the gas blowback is annoying on it, and it's a piston gun. Go figure.
  3. I didn't know they made side-screw AGB's until I started researching this idea. If it lined up with a M-Lok or vent hole in the handguard that would be a great way to adjust quickly. I really would like it to be tool-less though, something like a SCAR.
  4. Sounds like I found a business partner! That's a good point. I could probably fab it myself. Probably start with a clamp on gas block drilled out. Dang, now I'm excited!
  5. Has anybody seen/read about an extension to the gas screw on an AGB? Specifically I'm thinking a hex rod that would rotate the screw on the AGB, extending forward past the front of the handguard, terminating in a knob of some sort to facilitate fast and easy adjustment of the AGB (specifically between suppressed/unsuppressed settings). In my mind, it could mount to the top picatinny rail OR clamp to the barrel (to preserve true free float). I have tried searching for something like this to no avail. Gas blocks I'm currently using are either SA (piston kit) or JP adjustable gas block. ***I'm aware I could just get a shorter handguard. I like the setups I currently run, just looking to get easier adjustments. Thanks!
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