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  1. I am not upset. If I don't get a response I go to another forum....and I got my answers from another ( non-AR forum).
  2. I was hoping I would get a response from somebody.....one way or another? I guessed there would be some Colt AR experts on here that would set me straight. I did some Googling and guessing maybe a Colt '604' Air Force model ( no Forward Assist or Brass Deflector ) with the Colt + Anchor Harvey marks.
  3. Well.....I guess I should have joined the other forum???
  4. I wanted to confirm some forge marks on an upper receiver? Looks like Colt and Anchor Harvey ? This make sense? These are the forge marks on upper from my new Fulton Armory "legacy" AR-15 rifle. https://photos.app.goo.gl/biUXK4a565MZdfMG8 https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZMUDA4YFhBR2xABd7
  5. I found some Norma 201 powder ( from Sweden !) and wondered if anyone here has used it for 5.56? According to their load data about 24 gr for a 55 gr FMJBT. Their literature says their 201 powder was developed especially for the .223 round. Thanks for any experience with this powder. https://www.norma-ammunition.com/en-gb/reloading-data/223-remington
  6. These guys get inventory in but their prices are $$$$$$ https://atlanticfirearms.com/taxons/ak-47-74-rifles
  7. luigi

    New Arky Checkin In

    Yep....another armed redneck hog lover! Spent my working days traveling all over and loved Vicksburg & Natchez area ( civil war stuff ). Great grandfather was in the 12th Arkansas regiment and fought ( & captured ) at Port Hudson, LA. Love some Cajun Food. thanks
  8. Derk, Did you find one in stock somewhere? I guess you have to be fast and order one as soon as somebody gets one in stock?
  9. Thanks Dirk Just trying to get my 10 post for search access. They say variety is the spice of life...so everybody should have at lease one of every type of firearm possible?? LOL
  10. I want to get some info on an AR I have ordered so joined this forum. Living in NWA and retired. Woo Pig Sooiiieee
  11. Reposting picture using my Imgur account. ( no edit button on post?)
  12. Ewallover, Man that stock is incredible! Walnut?
  13. That is about the best I can ever do.....Most of the time it is more like a paper plate size! Irons are getting pretty hard to see with 70 yo eyes. Going to scopes on most rifles. I went thru the AR15 picture thread and really great looking rifles! Glad to see some Nikon scopes as I think they are excellent for the money. ( I thought I was a cheapskate ).
  14. Took my 1943 IBM M1 Carbine to the range in mid January and shot the best 10 shot group to date. This was the first 10 rounds ( no warm up or sighters ). I will never shoot this good again. 100yds on SR-1 target off sandbag rest. Reloaded 110gr RN w/14.5gn H110. First shot was flyer at 10 O'Clock. I think score 92-1x That 6.35" dia black circle ain't very big!
  15. Are Romanian WASR 10/63's allowed in this thread?? LOL
  16. I have an Imgur account & finally figured out the new format. Edited my post above! thanks
  17. My SA M1A is marked 308Win and my DSA FAL is marked 7.62x51. I have shot both in each rifle. I reload so I can adjust loads to the bullet weight.
  18. I need 10 posts to perform a search so I might as well post some pictures! 1943 Springfield Armory Garand (Field Grade). Purchased on visit to CMP South Store years ago
  19. New Guy Here, I joined forum to find more info on rifle that I ordered. I have a Fulton Armory "Legacy"rifle on order and wanted to find out if any members had experience with these? I also have a Bushmaster (older 2007 Windham built ). I am a shooter ( not a collector ) and enjoy shooting all my military weapons. Thanks for having me! Will try to post pic links from Google drive but not sure if they will work?? ( I am old and not tech savvy..LOL ) http://drive.google.com/file/d/117m1ow1rTz71SDvoex-UdUREU83tnjgs/view?usp=sharing http://drive.google.com/file/d/117I1lQJ-jdb8uABUfrwAyOXHRNbR-jyn/view?usp=sharing
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