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  1. Turns out that .32acp brass is unavailable online. Unless you want to pay 75 cents a piece. Given that I’m starting my career as a 32 acp handloader with only 150 pieces, and given how many I lose each go around, I need a better brass catching solution or I’ll be out of business real soon. Right now, I set up an extra cardboard target stand to my right, so the ejected brass hits the cardboard and doesn’t fly off into the brush to join my lost 762x25 brass. This method gives me about 2/3 recovery rate. I’m thinking of draping a towel over the catcher target, to lessen the cardboard bounce. Have you all found a better way to recoup your unusual-caliber brass?
  2. I use imgur .com it work fine for me. Mostly I use it for Reddit
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