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  1. well said. and to be honest, one of the 2 reasons why i broke down and procured an ar platform is because of the "universal" aspect of the parts. when you say you need "such and such" part, you dont necessarily have to break out the make and model of the rifle and the serial number and what factory it was made in. that really helps when searching for or attaining whatever part or replacement you might need. and since i mentioned it,,,, the second reason i got an AR platform is because in America the ar 15 has become ubiquitous among civilian military and police. civilians from hunters, collectors, plinkers, and just joe shmoe 2A enthusiast. which makes it extremely easy to acquire parts, magazines and ammo. regardless where you have to acquire it from. more or less a one stop shop type platform. i come from a lifetime of using com block arms. so theres a bit of a learning curve. well learning curve isnt appropriate, perhaps muscle memory is a better term. but so far im really enjoying the platform. i just wish the ammo nonsense would hurry up and end. but i doubt it will ever get back to "normal" i believe those days, and prices are gone forever.
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