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  1. Heard that from a few folks. Funny didn't see it mentioned much on Youtube. Just had my shoulder reconstructed so I wouldn't be trap&skeeting much with it. But they do look great for home D.
  2. Been looking at some BullPup style shotguns lately. There's lots of semi's out there and only a few of the type that I'm leaning towards...tube-fed pumps. The KelTec KS7 is what's on my radar right now. As usual, finding one to put in my hands is proving difficult.
  3. Thank you sir! That's the kind of info I'm looking for. Of course I've heard lots of chatter over the years about the 7.62 in an AR platform. It'll be good to get some current info from a reliable source.
  4. I've built a 223, 9mm, and a 22lr...now I'm just looking for tips and tricks for putting a 7.62X39 upper on my DPMS lower.
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