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  1. Zoub

    Fisherman nets shark in Iraq River

    Yup. Indiana DNR did it. Same guys who have been rumored by local Farmers to be releasing Wolves down by the river to help control the Coyote population. If you only knew the exact location I am talking about, you would crack up. These dipshits are the same on both sides of the globe, Ignorance is bliss. I am signing up to try it myself in 2008. If it works, I may make ignornace a lifestyle choice. Then I am going to fly to Iraq, pose as God's choice to fight the evil Capitalist pig river sharks and visit local Mosques and ask for donations to rid them of their problem. I will guarantee they will never see another shark. The odds of another shark popping up while I am there are so low, it is a great scam idea. I need someone to come with me and wear the foam shark outfit in the river. Also to crank the music box and handle the pet monkey at fund rasiers. It will work, but timing is everything, we need to go now!
  2. Zoub

    Hunting with an AR

    I have killed my share of deer with my AR at 125 yards, one shot a few steps and dead. I would be willing to go 150 yards with a scope, all my shots use a red dot with 3MOA so it seems the red dot acts as a gauge for me as I want to be sure of my shot. Any polymer tipped round in the 62 to 65 grain range will work great. It goes in, turns heart and/or lungs to goo, does not exit. Shot placement is everything. A light weight AR is sweet when you are stalking. I may set up an SBR with 1/7 barrel and use heavier TAP ammo in it. Again, it is a 125 yard gun, but it works for me. Longer shot, use a .270 or .308 EDIT: But not Vmax or varmint bullets
  3. Zoub


    I did the same dumb shat. Just delete it and then download 6.xx again, it worked fine for me last week. I then also went and downloaded firefox too! fuzz IE fuzz fuzz fuzz fuzz fuzz OK that was fun.
  4. Zoub

    Can You Suggest A Decent Portable Heater ?

    TJ hit it for you. For low noise the Colemans win followed by the Buddy. The regular Mr. Heaters sound like a shuttle launch when first lit and crank plenty of noise even when warm. I would never use it duck hunting. I packed up my winter truck box today and kept trying to fit in a Buddy and a 20lb hose adapter instead of one of the standard Mr. Heaters. If I pop off the wire cage I think it will fit. I keep the smaller Coleman, 1500 BTU, in there as well for the truck cab but prefer the Buddy for the truck bed due to low O2 shutoff. The pilot light alone is like having a small candle going if in a small tent. I gotta go back and "customize" that box to fit in the Buddy! Then I will end up strapping a 20lb in back too. shat, it never ends but I sure as hell won't freeze to death. I will add, when power is out, the Colemans are perfect size for heating bathrooms.
  5. Zoub

    Covering my stainless barrel in desert tan

    I had always wanted to go back and fog over it with one of the darker colors, just never did. I recently stripped the receiver due to changing some guns around. I need to pick up another used wingmaster to dedicate to this barrel set up. Only mistake I made was putting it a bit too heavy on the slide bars. Had to sand it down some. For as cheap as it was, it has held up good. I took it all apart, cleaned the crap out of it with brake cleaner and paint stuck. Probably could have skipped the primer, but hey I did it.
  6. Well, I threw my other arfcom persona on the fire to flush out the local nut job. Gets him banned every time but of course they got me again. I will just have to chage my IP addy again sometime. Not hitting KY deer this year with KyBob. Local season starts tomorrow, I am surrounded by deer at my new place but no permission to hunt adn ti si all bow only here as we are still on the edge of urban here, but all cornfields. Limit is 8 deer, highest in the state but no guns. Do they wonder why the deer do so well here?! I may hit some friends proprety a few hours away after turkey day. right now, I am looking for a new job but things are good overall. We need to do a campout in Jan/Feb time frame. Your local arfcom civil engineer in N. Ga and I talked about it some.
  7. Zoub

    Covering my stainless barrel in desert tan

    Looks familiar. I primed mine first. Recent pic, paint job is from late 2004 or early 2005.
  8. I am laughing, but there is MORE. One of your dogs was wearing your teeth in his mouth while he sniffed and licked his butt. The other dog filmed it and they posted it on Youtube. Good stuff.
  9. Zoub

    One less idiot around me. (for a while)

    Well, at least they won't be riding in the creek anymore. I knew a guy did the same thing with a snowmobile only the post was cement so it just stopped him flat and he was not hurt at all, just flew like a bird. Pure luck. Usually the barb wire gets them though.
  10. Zoub

    If you are over 40, check this out.

    god bless it, it is not funny. I loved 1977! Last week my GF sent that over to me and tried to convince me guy in blue western shirt was Kurt Russel. Good way to end our relationship fast, messing with Kurt. Who else could have played the boy in the tower? Somebody put on some ABBA, I gotta go watch Welcome Back Kotter reruns. Speaking of Rerun, anybody see his fat ass lately? shat, I bet Joe of Run Joe Run could find him? He was pretty Hotblooded about Foreigners
  11. Zoub

    New Here

    Yeah, this heat is crazy this year. To hot to run the dog right now to "tune up" for bird season.
  12. Zoub

    New Here

    Got the casts removed from all my fingers so I can type again! Maybe this winter we can all meet up.
  13. Zoub

    New Here

    One of these days.
  14. Zoub

    New Here

    Zoub is also here.
  15. Zoub

    What have you caught

    Well there was the time I hooked a pike, he wrapped around the bow anchor rope, water clarity was about 14 feet and I could see him. I kept the line tight and asked dad to come forward and lift the rope AND my fish. My brother, then about 5 and in the middle of the boat had secretly put a Lazy Ike from my tackle box on his Zebco 202/Kingfisher rig, he wanted to be like me and fish a lure. FYI this was 1975. Dad comes forward; bro gets excited and makes a cast. Sinks lure in dad's skull, Dad grabs line in time to prevent him being casted out like bait! Dad is out of commission. Screw him; I am lifting the anchor and my largest pike ever with one hand, keeping line as tight as possible with rod in the other. Pike spits lure and swims away. Meanwhile my mom is in a second boat nearby. Guy running that boat is the one who taught me how to fish, we will call him Col. V. He no longer likes the sight of blood, result of seeing too much in combat. Anyway in the bow of his boat is his dad, my quasi grandfather as mine were all dead. Gramps has had a few beers and his blood pressure drops and he falls backwards into my mom’s lap and passes out. This boat is going to be of no help to us. So I am 11.5 years old and it's on me now. I run boat back to cabin while dad makes sure he does not lose an eye to a treble hook. The hook is in the bone in his forehead, we futz with it, standard hook removal tricks will not work. Dad hands me heavy duty pliers, says do it. He too is a Colonel and has five tours of combat under his belt. We will call him Col. Z. I have to man up if I am going to last long in this crowd. WHOLLY CRAP! It is stuck in him good, no matter how hard I pull. I am getting a bit grossed out and dad is getting pissed, plus we are pretty far from anything close to medical help. Screw this Pop, it ain't coming out. About this time Col. V pulls up to the dock with Grandpa V passed out in my mom's lap. I snip the hook so the rest of the lure is not in his face. I go help unload the other boat, dad puts on his hat and Mrs. V. takes my Dad to nearest "Doctor" about 40 miles away. Mrs. V signs them both in as staying at cabin 3, R&R Resort. Before they even get back the gossip lines light up. A call comes to the resort we are at, the owner is Col C. He retired and bought this old place and fixed it up. His son was one of my best friends and all the Dad's had served together. Mrs. C. answers the phone. "Did you know that Col. Z and Mrs. V are having an affair and using your cabin #3?" Mrs. C. says that is interesting and she will be sure to discuss it with them, their spouses, children and their parents when we all eat dinner together tonight, since they are ALL in cabin 3. I ate and went back to the dock to get in the boat and go fishing for that pike! Dad is not here, that makes me the man of the house and that boat is mine now. Mom said that was enough fishing for now. From then on, we always had two boats. One for Dad and panfishing, one for me and Pike/Walleye/Bass fishing. Or would you guys rather hear the story about the time in 1981 when we started an Indian uprising at the same lake/reservation? I traded a cold 12 pack with the local chief and in return I got back my drunk friend, same one from above, his Pinto wagon, my drunk cousin and my drunk 11 year old brother. Oh yeah, on both trips we caught a lot of fish. We always catch a lot of fish.