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  1. https://obituaries.bestfuneralservices.com/don-roy-kuramoto/
  2. I met him for the first time in Laughlin many many years ago. We traded some handguns and lowers, that started our friendship. We have seen each other maybe 1x a year on average and I saw him at the drag races in Las Vegas a few months ago. He showed my 5yo all the drag racers and even got him a cookie. He was a very sweet man, I never heard him say a cross thing about anyone ever. He was the kind of man to model oneself after.
  3. I've known him for about 15 years. See him about once every couple years in person at Shot Show and I renew my CCW with him when I have to. Most people get crazy as they get older...it's just his time to lose it.
  4. Tan pants and a black shirt. After the hat comes off he put on one of that sarapi things or whatever they are called. The arab hat.
  5. Mid 30's to early 50's. About half the crowd would be invited back, they are the ones that I didn't mention. Not NONEYA though....he is trouble.
  6. Let me explain the setting in which this all happened. Yes, we are in the middle of the desert but in a tiny town, Rachel Nevada. We are on a highway, not in the middle of the Sahara desert. Survival is no more than a neighbor away and if for some reason the entire town all dropped dead at once you would walk one mile and wait for the next Wal-Mart truck to come along. So I invite some family, friends and some guys from a local board out to my property in the middle of Nevada for a friendly little star gazing, BBQ and general "let's get out of the city" 2 day and 1 night gathering. About 12 people showed up and everything was going great. Then *he* showed up...you know who he is...Internet Survival Guy (keep in mind this guy is a licensed Nevada CCW instructor) ! I'll call him ISG for short, well he shows up, decked out in 5.11 everything including the hat...spiffy. He has his knife, open carry handgun, 2 flashlights...yes he makes it well known a few hours after he shows up he ALWAYS has 2 "combat" illumination devices on his person just in case one fails. I'll get back to ISG later, now as the afternoon progresses some of the guys who hunt rabbit and coyote want to go out and look for a few. That's fine right? Sure, I personally don't have a deathwish for anything more than the common city pigeon so I stay behind and play host to the non-hunters. They arrive back and the driver goes into my trailer to get a water, the guys who were with him in the truck tell me he shot a coyote but didn't kill him. When he comes out a few of the guys plead with him to go back and finish him off. They drive away and don't go all that far maybe a 1/2 mile and come back, yes this guy shot a coyote in town on someones property which happens to be an alfalfa farm. I asked if he killed a coyote in town, on my neighbors farm and he confirms he did. This is a town of 45 people, you don't shoot in town and you sure as hell don't do it if you are a guest of one of the residents (part-time resident but still). This would be the time to be on your best behavior. Ok whatever...it's over what else could go wrong? Rural town tip #1 Don't shoot in town and never on someone's private property. Night comes, stars shine. The moon is full and this weekend was picked because of the full moon and it provides enough light to see where you walk without a flashlight. ISG has been downing beer like it is..well beer. I have never drank so even at my advanced age of 42 I don't realize when someone is drunk unless they are slurring words and puking. ISG is making it well known *he* is the survivor guy here, none of us know how to survive...you see he reads the internet and knows all. Once dinner is over he decides he needs to go out in the desert and "survive"...he also wants to hunt coyote like the crew before him did. He starts packing a utility ATV someone brought and loads it with 500 rounds of .223, 200 rounds of shotgun and 300 handgun rounds. He lets me know he takes all this ammo "just in case". I look out into the desert and ask him if it is Nevada or Afghanistan? I remind him, this is Nevada, no Bears, no Moose, no Rhino's, no Hippo's, no Alligators....you get my point. Here is what you have to face if you are in Rachel Nevada Oh come on Bob, you know Nevada has Mountain Lions! Yea, but we are nowhere near any mountains. If for some reason one did come out of the mountains it would be weak and starving and looking for my friend a few sentences above ^^ there and not an adult on an ATV. Let's get back to the fun. ISG has taken a break from packing cases of ammo on his ATV and is now preparing his hookah to smoke. Yea, I said it, this guy brought this massive contraption called a hookah and is taking hits off it like a crack addict. He smoked it the day before and when making a decision to go somewhere or do something he thinks about how long he will be away from beloved hookah. I'm asking myself if he is gonna strap this thing to the ATV because God forbid he should run out of gas he might die from hookah withdrawals. I'll make this survival tip #1. If you are addicted to a substance and you can't have it you will suck at real survival. You will be a complete drain to anyone around you with your DT's. Do yourself a favor and whatever it is your addicted to try and quit now if you think you may one day REALLY need to survive. If you drink a case a beer a day and think your gonna "bug out" you better map out all the breweries along your bug out route cause you cant carry 60 cases of beer on your bug out. Ok, let's go check on ISG now. He has smoked his hookah, he has his ammo, he has his handgun, AR and shotgun. Now he has to pack his beer. He brings a 24 pack and straps a 12 pack to that. 36 cans of warm goodness in case he gets stuck and dehydrates. He is already inebriated and loses one of his "combat flashlights". It's damn near midnight and I'm telling him just to go do whatever it is he plans on doing because it's late, my girlfriend is horny and I'd rather be with her than dealing with his drunk arse. He is searching high and low for his second "combat flashlight", explaining to me he NEVER goes out without 2 "combat flashlights" just in case one fails. I calmly explain to him that he has one "combat flashlight" and a million candlepower spotlight on the ATV along with the headlight...nope not good enough we can't leave without 2 "combat flashlights". I further explain if all his illumination devices fail there is something that will happen in 5 hours from now, it has happened everyday for my 42 years, every single day, the sun will rise. Nope....gotta find that "combat flashlight". At about 1:30 he gives up and is ready for his trip. He explains to me he is gonna go "over there" and kill his coyote...he points to my neighbors farm. I make it clear to him he is not to shoot in town, he is not to even go that way, I tell him to cross the highway and go out into the desert far far away from town. Blowing off a shotgun at 3am in a small town is a bad idea. So he is ready, rifle, shotgun, handgun, 1000 rounds of ammo for our friend up there ^^, 2 sammiches and 36 cans of beer. He leaves. (A side note, yes I let a drunk grown adult go out and an ATV with guns and ammo, I don't babysit adults, if you want to do stupid stuff have at it. I did warn him there was no medical anything for 2 1/2 hours drive from where we were) I awaken to the sound of an ATV at 6am, I go out and see ISG shutting it down and he is tired. I asked how it went and he was in a pissed off mood, I think a combo of sobering up a little and lack of sleep got him in his mood. He goes to bed. As people start waking up there was a couple in a tent next to ISG's trailer, the woman starts telling me ISG came back a number of times to pick things up and they got no sleep because of the damn ATV being so loud. Here is rural town tip #2. Don't be a jackass and drive around all night and morning. These people know how to relax and don't really want to hear some yahoo driving his ATV at 3am. Now if your a resident I'm sure they would forgive, but some guy they know is just visiting and probably won't ever be back (if I have a say he won't)....just STFU and go to bed at a decent hour. 10am rolls around and folks are hungry. We decide to go to the only place in town that serves food, you have probably heard of it in fact, The Little A Le Inn. I tell the girlfriend we are headed out to breakfast and start up our Honda Ruckus scooter...49cc's of fun. Everyone else gets on ATV's and one guy has a dirt bike he rode in the Baja 500.....we have about a mile to go and with the girlfriend on the back of the scooter we go a whopping 15mph because that's the speed we like to go. The guys on the ATV's and dirt bike tear off and leave dust all over the town, doing donuts, riding on private property...what is wrong with people? Rural town tip #3. Nobody is in a rush, if you like being in a rush stay in the big city. Slow down, enjoy the scenery, smell the fresh air. Rural town tip #4. Don't do donuts and raise hell in a town you are a guest in...you're going to breakfast there is no prize for getting there first. By 3pm everyone is gone, I look at the girlfriend and tell her never again...never ever again....let's get on that Ruckus and cruise....
  7. .as a STAFF member I would hope they teach you not to lie. Apparently not. Now when asked what happened in Vegas you just go ahead and do something you have never done before....tell the truth.
  8. Yea, not to take her to the Cannery when you show up. I didn't get laid for a week cause YOU almost got us arrested....
  9. The only time that woman wasn't mad is when she was on her back and her legs were in the air.
  10. You must have Alzheimers...... Who around here is responsible for changing Noneya's diapers?
  11. This jackass almost got me arrested at the Cannery casino in Las Vegas. He had the entire security team looking for us, bike patrol, managers...EVERYONE.
  12. Just bought my first Para. I'm confused on what holster to get. Here is the gun... There are three styles of Galco holsters I'm interested in but when you look at Para they ask if it has a hammer spur, no hammer spur and a bunch of stuff I have no idea what it is. Any help on which holster to order? A 5" 1911 is a 5" 1911 no? Couldn't I just order the holster for the 5" Kimber and get the same holster? http://www.lapolicegear.com/gacoma.html http://www.lapolicegear.com/gasisnscbeho.html http://www.lapolicegear.com/gacobeho.html
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