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  1. Spartan steel plates are a bit different than most because of their curvature as well as the coating it helps push "spalling" away from potential bad hit areas, yes I quote because it's a misuse of the term, there's another company I forget which making huge leaps in polymer armor which among its many benefits is a giant cut in weight and neutral buoyancy, I'll try and find them, found it ShotStop.
  2. Check out spartan armor
  3. He might be able to if/when he spots the fact i'm back , I don't know
  4. Yep been a long time since I was a noob here but I recalled something about posts for img and using ffl and sales areas, I'd just try and get my old account straight but I don't have access to its email account any longer
  5. It won't let me post and yes I inserted img html tags, maybe a new user thing
  6. Warlike13


    Lock myself out of my account and then mess up my trigger finger scrolling back through 52 years to register a DOB for a new account, I'ma kick your @ Neil! Ok rant done, I moved again, brand new house in Hawley TX. Probably going to get active here again since I'm also not driving truck again lol. So now since photobucket has gone pay what image host can we use now?
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