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  1. This is a good analysis of some different numbers, as well as some tidbits of information you probably haven't heard anywhere else.
  2. What a great man! He will most certainly be missed. EconomicPolicyJournal.com: Walter Williams, RIP
  3. I had spinal x-rays taken about 18 years ago. Aside from the rotations and subluxations, there is an anteriority, narrowed discs, degenerative disc disease, spondylosis, Schmorl's nodes, etc..... Doc didn't know how I could stand, walk, or do anything, much less do what I do for a living. Told him I just grit my teeth and get on with it.
  4. Go work with your farrier pulling shoes and clinching & finishing for him for a day. Feel the burn! My chiropractor says it will stop someday when it all fuses together.
  5. I'm never in a position that requires acquiring fire superiority, nor do I have a budget that would allow me to fill the air with lead. In my world, one good shot is better than 20 bad ones hoping to get lucky. FWIW, I check my MD's every time out, and I've never had one come loose. The can also comes with a lifetime warranty, and the manufacturer is a half hour drive from here. If I ever have a baffle strike, they'll fix it for free, often while you wait.
  6. I run my can both direct thread and w/QD flash hider. I don't use Rocksett on anything.
  7. So time it with the PA Accu-Washer, but just torque it. Don't use Rocksett.
  8. Just torque. Timing isn't important when you're running the suppressor anyway.
  9. I'll join 'ya! With no family left within 560 miles, and everything shut down, this is my Thanksgiving. (they aren't very big, so I got two)
  10. That's a common problem with that design bench. You'll find that getting more squarely behind it will help a lot.
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