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  1. Longhair

    What Is a 'Well Regulated Militia,' Anyway?

    Be careful. You don't even want to go back to what has "historically" been the age of militia members. That would rule out far too many, because it used to be that men over 50 were considered to be too old, even though Samuel Whittemore proved that to be erroneous back in the day. http://revolutionarywararchives.org/whittemore.html
  2. Longhair

    Bullet sizing

    I've never heard of anyone "squishing" jacketed bullets to size. Bullet sizing (and lubing) is something done as a matter of course with cast bullets.
  3. Longhair

    California......wants to control your house

    Follow the money. Somebody's getting rich peddling snake oil.
  4. Longhair

    California......wants to control your house

    Anything to redistribute wealth.....from the working people to the crooked elites.
  5. His day is coming. Karma's a b¡tch!
  6. He's the kind of guy you want to have a hunting accident with.
  7. .....or a muslim masquerading as someone who cares.
  8. "They, as a group, are bad people who have made bad life decisions." Why? Because we have chosen not to join the hive? Because we're not as programmable as the rats they have trapped in their schittholes? That's a "bad life decision"?
  9. That clown's man-bun must be too tight. It's somehow cutting off the circulation to his brain.
  10. You can always tell when a communist is lying.......their lips move.
  11. Longhair

    Bolt Malfunction

    Great news! Glad that you got it sorted out.
  12. Welcome to the Armory! I would suggest that you follow your gut, just get a regular AR, and then the CMMG kit. Given your modest accuracy requirements for a .22LR, and considering your financial constraints, the CMMG kit will be just fine w/o limiting you the way a polymer lower something would. If you decide later that you want more from a .22LR than you get from the conversion, you can always sell the conversion at a minimal loss and get a dedicated .22LR upper. I would also suggest that before you invest $ in an upper for deer hunting, you look into the newer .350Legend.
  13. Longhair

    Help with powder

    In my case, I just don't load for much that's smaller than .41Mag. More .44-40 and .45LC than anything, and over the years I've probably literally shot a ton of cast bullets. My .256WinMag is the only puny cartridge I load, and it's a deafening fire breather in a pistol. With 4227 you can build some real stompers in .44Mag with 300gr bullets. No problem knocking down that ram @ 100yds.
  14. Longhair

    Help with powder

    For pistol powders I've always pretty much stuck to Unique, 700X, 2400, and 4227. I used to shoot with guys that were really cheap, and they shot a lot of Bullseye and Red Dot. To me, that stuff was just way too dirty.