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  1. Longhair

    Need to replace 200Amp main house breaker

    Your problem at the main sounds more like a loose connection than a bad breaker. My experience with bad breakers is that they usually pop off and won't maintain contact. You're hearing/seeing arcing and low voltage conditions, and that smacks of a worried wire or loose contact.
  2. Longhair

    .223 ammo deal

    Since you have 'em, spend 'em. But, you could make sort of a statement by spending it all on ammunition. That's probably what I'd do.
  3. Longhair

    Global Cooling At Your House

    I do it the other way around. I cut, split, and burn wood for my primary heat, and have propane for my backup. Propane is expensive, but wood is only my time.
  4. Longhair

    If it weren't for bad luck.......

    Sounds like a "Greensand Filter". They are what you want for iron. https://www.water-softeners-filters.com/water-treatment-systems/iron-removal/greensand-system
  5. The gun ban is only within the fenced-in area immediately around the building. People can be armed outside the fence. They're also limiting access by only allowing a certain number of people inside the fence at any given time. Basically, at this point the lobbying will be done inside, and the rally will go on outside, almost like two separate events. There will be a shitton of armed folks at the ready rally.
  6. And it just keep getting weirder.
  7. Yet another new interesting twist.
  8. Longhair

    Rugged Obsidian 45 Suppressor

    You can. I just got good full size copies, and the ones in my wallet are folded up to fit in a small zip-lock that keep 'em protected.
  9. Longhair

    Rugged Obsidian 45 Suppressor

    You can reduce it if you want, but keep in mind that both sides must be legible, so you can realistically only make it so small.
  10. Longhair

    Rugged Obsidian 45 Suppressor

    Not much to it at this point. The hard part is done. Now just go to your local pharmacy or copy center and have the stamped paperwork copied on both sides (several copies), then keep one everywhere you might want to have it. And you can't have too many copies. I keep one in my wallet, one in the box with the can, one in my range box, and one in the lockbox cabled to the seat in my ride. The rest are in a stack on top of the safe, where I can find them should I want another for somewhere else, like a case I'm using. Congrats on the arrival of your new baby! The fun is about to begin!
  11. Just as in my sig-line........μολων λαβε (Come Take Them!)
  12. Longhair

    Noob Flash Hider Question

    Don't be at all afraid to ask any that come to mind. We'll do our best to answer them, and help insure that your AR ownership is a positive experience. Beyond all else, I must also warn you about BRD (Black Rifle Disease). It is highly contagious, and has been known to virtually empty bank accounts.
  13. Longhair

    Noob Flash Hider Question

    Also, be aware that there are a variety of alternative front sights available should you find the stock front sight post to be too coarse for your taste. Personally, I find the MIL-SPEC front sight post to be virtually intolerable, but I also personally prefer to do finer work than minute of man.
  14. In all honesty, I believe that a lot of the reason for the particular timing of all this nonsense is to take advantage of the phony impeachment propaganda as a smoke screen to hide what they're doing. And should they employ false-flag operators as anticipated, then they will flood the airways with whatever tragedy that they inflict to distract the sheeple from the impeachment fiasco.
  15. Just in! "Gun Owners of America and the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) are filing an Emergency Injunction against the governor’s actions. His action infringes on both the First and Second Amendment rights of Virginian’s who wish to peaceably assemble to petition their government, while at the same time not surrendering their right to self-defense. This rally is held annually with thousands of participants and without incident. The only difference this year is that, in response to the Democrats’ attempt to eviscerate the Second Amendment, a much larger crowd is expected. Incredibly, Northam is using the 2017 rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in support of his ban on firearms, ignoring the fact that the unfortunate death that day was a vehicular homicide. Northam hasn’t made any attempt to ban cars. Like all gun control, this gun ban could have only negative consequences. If there are, in fact, any bad actors who would attempt to hijack the rally, they would simply ignore the law. A 2012 law strictly limits the governor’s ability to ban gun in a state of emergency, and a political rally falls way outside his reach. Over the next 24 hours, GOA and VCDL lawyers will be in court fighting the ban."