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  1. Longhair

    Dayum Getting old aint for the weak

    Why what? Can't have an MRI? I've got steel tool chips in my eyes. Don't want x-rays? I had 'em done about 15yrs ago, and the radiologist report read like a book. I had to learn new terminology. I'm sure that it hasn't gotten any better, and I don't want to have anyone telling me that I shouldn't even be able to do what I do all the time. It would be bad for morale.
  2. Longhair

    Dayum Getting old aint for the weak

    Good luck! I hope they figure it out and get you fixed. I'm afraid to let anyone look at my back. I can't have an MRI anyway, but I don't even want any x-rays, because I don't want to get scared.
  3. Longhair

    Equipment for my Sniper Husband

    Cool! Now forget about it, otherwise you'll go crazy. Right now approvals are taking about 10 months. If you're lucky you might see it around Christmas.
  4. Longhair

    AR15 Armory Protocol Rule

    I've been calling them communists for years. I have a habit of calling it like I see it.
  5. Longhair

    Great Sling For Less $$

    You may need to get a QD receiver cup to bolt into the appropriate place on the stock. Uncle Mikes sell 'em. I had to do that with one of my stocks. Needed a small bolt and nylok nut too. Just be sure that the QD part on the sling will go into the cup and lock in without interference with the bolt head.
  6. Longhair

    I’ve just been hacked by the Russians!!

    Doesn't matter. I haven't had a CC since '92. ID thieves applied for a CC in my name six times in two days....until Capitol One gave them one.
  7. Longhair

    I’ve just been hacked by the Russians!!

    To run the whole gambit you have to file a police report and a report to the FTC, but that gives you all the ammo you need to back down any collection companies that may come after you should credit actually have been granted to a fraudster. Those ID thieves will wreak havoc with your credit account reporting. They changed my address as well as my prior addresses, and by that I mean that they had one of my prior addresses listed as my former in-laws address (I never lived there), and my current address was an apartment on Neptune Ave. in Brooklyn, NY. (I've never even been to Brooklyn much less lived there).
  8. Longhair

    I’ve just been hacked by the Russians!!

    This is actually a good idea. I've had to do it myself. It costs $10/ea to put a seven year "voluntary freeze" on your credit with the three credit reporting bureaus, during which time NO NEW CREDIT can be established in your name. You can contact them and jump through a few hoops to allow specified credit applications during that seven year period (like if you want to finance a new vehicle or something), and you can even end the freeze early if you like, but otherwise it stays in effect and protects you from fraudulent credit applications.
  9. Longhair

    I need a lathe and maybe a mill

    The Smithy is closer to you too.
  10. Longhair

    I need a lathe and maybe a mill

    Too bad that you won't travel to get one. https://lansing.craigslist.org/hvo/d/leslie-bridgeport-head-mill-3-phase/6838351847.html https://holland.craigslist.org/tls/d/west-olive-smithy-midas-1220-mill-lathe/6828032487.html
  11. Longhair

    Barrel length

    What size post do you have in the front? Something finer might help.....easier to aim smaller.
  12. ALL guns ALL knives Hay and/or Pitch forks Baseball bats (clubs) Hatchets and Axes ALL hammers ALL bows and crossbows Horses Elephants ALL track vehicles ALL 4wd trucks ALL aircraft ..................................the list is about endless.
  13. Longhair


    Excellent! I'll start getting my ducks in a row based on that. I've got to arrange care of my critters, book a rental vehicle for the week, and see who I can rope into covering any repairs that my clients might need done while I'm gone. The sooner I get that done the better, because I need to find people that will commit.
  14. Longhair

    Communist Manifesto

    My Father was Russian. I grew up with it. The only one he ever caved to was my Mom. He also instilled in me the importance of combating communism, and taught all of his kids to recognize it when we saw it. That's why I get pretty agitated by our elected officials dragging us down that rathole.