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  1. My can came with both direct thread and QD (bi-lock) adapters, and I use all of them. For best accuracy I use the direct thread adapters, primarily on bolt guns. On my AR's I typically run the QD mount adapters. I shoot .223/5.56, 6.5CM, and .300BLK all through the same can, and suppression is sufficient enough that with my existing level of hearing loss I don't bother with ear pro at all.
  2. Dwell time is an important factor when talking about operating pressures relative to bolt cycling. Stick with the rifle buffer unless proper cycling problems prove to be an issue.
  3. Rush's wife just announced that he has passed away. I'm gutted. He has been a staple of my information for 30 years. Go with God, Rush. You will be profoundly missed.
  4. Another positive aspect (since I'm trying to look on the bright side) is that they will no longer be a UAW union operation anymore.
  5. I have a lot of Fenix ammo. It's good stuff! Their facility is only about an hour from here, but I buy most of it from a LGS that's much closer.
  6. Exactly! The commies are nothing but bloviating bullies. You defeat them by standing up and not tolerating their crap, not by running away to your perceived "safe space". Noncompliance is a powerful tool if done in large numbers.
  7. That's what they project, but it's not reality. The backlash due to what they're doing is going to bite them in the ass HARD!
  8. If it's time to lose them, then it's time to use them. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ!
  9. 100 years old! Thank you for helping Reagan "take down that wall".
  10. 91 years is a good run. Go with God Mr. Plummer
  11. Absolutely! I have at least one, and I know others here on the forum have as well. Never heard anything negative about them either.
  12. If you're just blasting pieces to have paint on 'em, Rust-Oleum works well. I covers pretty much as it should, but the nozzle is kind of like a fire hose. Krylon is fair for a more 'finished' look. A lot of Krylon paints have a fan pattern nozzle that can be rotated to suit the direction you're working. IMO, the best rattle-can paint out there is Martin-Senior. It can be tough to find, but it's worth the effort if you're wanting really good paint short of going custom.
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