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  1. No longer true. Some manufacturers of 14.5" barrels are making them with mid-length gas systems, while others are making them with carbine-length systems. I just bought a 14.5" Rosco Bloodline barrel, and part of the reason I selected it was the carbine-length system. I intend to run it suppressed the vast majority of the time, but I'm also incorporating an adjustable gas block. I'll dial it in with the lightest .223 loads that I'll use and lock it down where it cycles reliably. My goal isn't to have it shoot as softly as possible, but to have it cycle as reliably as possible. YMMV
  2. But, pushing a patch through before you start with any new barrel is standard procedure. It's amazing how much crap some come with from the manufacturer, even top brands.
  3. Same here! Twice was more than enough! Now, my philosophy is, "Getting married is like braiding a mule's tail......dangerous and unnecessary!"
  4. It's terminology that woke idiots use to claim that they're NOT one of the only two biologically provable genders. Just like all things in this world that are defective mutations, over time they will all die off or be killed. In this particular case, he/she/it is expediting the natural process.
  5. Looking forward to a range report! With pics!!
  6. Here are your pics. To insert them yourself, click on the "Grab Links" button, then copy the code that has the [img tags on the ends to past into your post.
  7. Very strange indeed. I wish that I had it here in front of me to check out. I'm the type that can't have something that doesn't work the way it should without finding out why.
  8. I hope it works out for you. Did you try the drill bit shank and it didn't work?
  9. Could have even been a jilted lover. Who knows? Jumping to conclusions the way the left-wing media always seems to, is never a good idea.
  10. FWIW, I wouldn't do the J-B Weld thing. Personally, I would likely get a #45 drill bit and cut about a 3/8" piece off the shank (longer than standard so it won't be affected by the broken-out bit on the inside of the receiver), and if it didn't have a little bevel on the end i would grind or file one. That should not lock into the hole at the end of the slot, but would rest in it enough to act as a detent should (with the spring shortened appropriately).
  11. Just you wait, those buzzards will pester you with robo-calls, fill up your mailbox, and hound you with e-mail if you let them. The best way to win the game is not to play. The TV commercials are bad enough!
  12. No, what they very carefully say is that you MIGHT qualify for extra benefits that COULD put money BACK into your Medicare check. First of all, anything that puts money BACK into your check is talking about what was/is your money to begin with, else they couldn't give it back. Beyond that, beware of all the legalese. Words like MAY, COULD, or MIGHT are automatic alarms, because they're implying that there is a real possibility that you would benefit from simply making the call, but the reality is that they'll get all your information before they tell you that you don't qualify for any of the aforementioned extras. Then, even if you don't buy anything from them, they will still make money with what you've given them, because they'll sell your info to a host of other companies.
  13. On IMGUR, if you click on the "Get Share Links" button, then copy the BB Code (the one with IMG tags), you can paste it into your post and display the images in the post instead of linking to them. Looking at your pics, I would probably make a new longer detent pin, and be careful not to make it too pointed, and cut down the spring commensurately. Also, if your Colt doesn't have a detent, it's probably because someone lost it when they took off the stock or buffer tube. That's exactly why I do what I do with the tap and setscrew, so parts don't launch themselves into never-never land.
  14. I usually tap the hole with a 4-40 tap, cut the spring down to just above flush, and run the shortest Allen head setscrew I can find in on top of the spring. That allows it to work, but isn't too stiff to easily push out when I want to.
  15. Is it possible that you're using the wrong spring from the kit? It could be that the spring is too stiff, in which case cutting off a couple coils might make all the difference. But it could also be that the detent hole is too deep. I've never heard of that being a thing, but that doesn't mean that it isn't possible. It's also possible that what we have here is something we call "tolerance stacking", where a combination of things add up to the problem, like maybe the spring is a little too heavy and the detent hole a little too deep or the detent pin being a bit out of spec. Pics could be useful. Many of us here use IMGUR for pic sharing since PhotoBucket went stupid.
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