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  1. The key is in first electing the right governor; one who doesn't place ridiculous importance on federal funding. You can have all the right state representatives, but with the wrong governor you're going to be screwed. That's exactly what's happening in Michigan right now. virtue signalers wanting to feel good about electing women have defeated common sense. Our top three slots (governor, AG, & SoS) are all communist women, and they all suck on the federal teat.
  2. "The Michigan House of Representatives adopted a resolution declaring they support your rights! The pro-Second Amendment resolution (HR 55) -- sponsored by Rep. Andrew Fink (R) -- was adopted in the Michigan House. This resolution states that the legislators of the House “firmly affirm support” for the preservation of the Second Amendment. It goes on to say that all federal acts -- including the 1934 and 1968 gun control acts -- are inconsistent with the Constitution, and the House recognizes them to be a violation of human rights. This resolution alone does not affect any laws, but the wording here certainly implies that these legislators should easily pass actual 2A Sanctuary legislation. Currently, 11 states are already 2A Sanctuaries – seven of which reached that status this year. If the Michigan legislators really mean everything they declare in this resolution, they should support legislation that would be similar to Oklahoma’s SB 631 and Pennsylvania’s SB 624. Oklahoma’s Sanctuary bill became law last month, and it orders state and local agents to NOT enforce ANY unconstitutional federal gun control laws, which will make it significantly less likely for Biden’s gun control to be enforced. Pennsylvania’s Sanctuary bill has not been voted on yet, but would do the same thing as Oklahoma’s, with the addition of actually imposing strong civil penalties, and removing qualified immunity for state agents that attempt to enforce unconstitutional federal gun laws."
  3. Can't tell you that. Shooting Fiocchi 40gr HP subs in my suppressed RPRR, and getting exit wounds, so I'm not worried about poisoning my guests.
  4. I've shot six of 'em so far this spring. Every one got put in the road for my "guests".
  5. Had a couple of visitors lately that I got a few snapshots of. Unfortunately the light was all wrong and I didn't have an unobstructed view of the one, and had to take pics of the other through a window that messed with my focus. At least I recorded the events.
  6. Bring it on! I bet we've even got stupid answers for you, if you want.
  7. I love it when stupidity is rewarded.
  8. That all depends on what you consider "average .22 distances". I regularly shoot in excess of 100yds with my .22LRs, and for that a standard .223/5.56 barrel doesn't cut it. The bore is just a bit too sloppy, and it's a shame, because the faster twist is a benefit at longer ranges.
  9. Twist rate is a non-issue. Actual bore diameter is a bigger problem.
  10. What he's saying is that it's a blind hole. There is a way to install the pin, but no way to punch it out.
  11. I'm very sorry to hear of this. Having given up my girl last fall after 15 years, I can commiserate. It's hard, but it's the last nice thing that we can do for our best friends.
  12. Glad to hear that was all it was. Usually it's something simple like that, but from time to time we run across a port hole that's undersized, and then the fix is a bit more involved but still easily doable.
  13. One other thing. You might want to check with the range you shoot at, because some won't let you shoot steel core ammo due to the damage it does to their targets.
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