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  1. Starting with the prosecutor that's sympathetic to the rioters. It would be time to become the hunter. And just like taking out any herd, you start with the leaders and work your way down.
  2. Let me start out by saying that every time I start daydreaming about large frame ARs, my practical nature kicks in and I talk myself right out of it. IMO, unless you're the SDM in a battle zone, a 6.5CM auto-loader is a novelty. In combat they have a 4-500 yard advantage over a .308, but an average ethical hunter isn't going to be taking 600+ yard shots on game animals. Pests like coyotes maybe, but not anything that you care about not chancing letting it get away wounded. Yes, you can share a BCG and even mags with .308 and other similar cartridges, but with any of them mag dumps are prohibitively expensive unless you're stinking rich or have a sponsor paying for your ammo. In any case, if long range accuracy is important...get a bolt gun. Auto-loaders are inherently less accurate as a general rule. If he's independently wealthy, tell him to go for it, because doing it right won't be cheap. If he's just stuck on having a 6.5mm something, help him put together a Grendel upper that he can run on a standard AR15 lower, and have a gun that won't break the bank to own or shoot, that will reach out with enough more steam than a 5.56 to take pokes at 'yotes @ 4-600 yards. YMMV
  3. That would work. But it would work better if it were in stock.
  4. I've got an Aguila fast twist barrel on a 10/22 to shoot 60gr subs with, and it shoots standard 40gr really well, too. So since I have two conversion BCGs, my plan is to tune one for use with subs, and keep one in original nick for standards, and just set the whole thing up with the fast twist tube. I'm pretty sure that GM makes a fast twist 10/22 barrel, but I'll have to look into whether they offer a fast twist blank or not. Worse case scenario, I'll get a 10/22 barrel and have him work his magic on it.
  5. Mind if I PM you at a later date for contact info? I'd really like to build a faster twist .22LR upper for a Ciener conversion.
  6. Does that include fitting the extension, barrel threading, and chambering work?
  7. How much was the ticket on that, if you don't mind telling?
  8. I have one ready for my next build. If you're talking about their Black Diamond Billet Upper, then I can tell you that the tolerances are tight....as in perfect. I plan on mating mine to a Noveske billet lower, and the preliminary fitment check gave me a woody. I believe that geepee3 has a couple builds that used them too. It might take a bit of time, but a search might turn up some interesting pics and info.
  9. Yep! I know that if Obama dies before I do, I'll whoop and dance just like I did when Bin Laden was taken out. To me there isn't enough difference between them to make spit. There may be cases of honor on a battlefield, but there's seldom any in the politics of the side that caused the war. Such is the case in every instance of communism being imposed. I for one will always celebrate to some extent whenever an enemy leader checks out.
  10. There are only 45 days before the election, and there's been no nomination yet. Trust me, there won't be a confirmation before the winner of the election has been declared.
  11. No way will another SC Justice be confirmed before inauguration day.
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