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  1. I just figured that it could be helpful to have a little more insight relative to your zero options. I'm old enough that most of my shooting is done with glass, and I'm not shy about twisting the elevation knob or utilizing a BDC reticle. Folks shooting with irons or RDS are less likely to want to make adjustments on the fly, so the video above is handy for deciding what setup will best fit their needs.
  2. Frequently you can find stuff like that on Ebay, but the sprocket cover I found was local and was posted on Craig's List. It depends on just exactly what you're looking for. I've found most of what I need to restore my old 066 Magnum on Ebay, but patience and perseverance are required. Sometimes it takes months for what I'm looking for to materialize. Older small engine repair shops are another good place to look. You never know what they have tucked away in a corner nearly forgotten.
  3. I think that every chainsaw and lawn mower owner in Commiefornia should start up their machines all at once. Can you imagine the panic it would cause the Gov. and all the "woke" police? That mental image is nearly priceless!
  4. Something's really fishy about this, and the American people need answers! https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/world/how-did-astra-zeneca-manufacture-covid-19-vaccine-in-july-of-2018-before-the-disease-was-even-discovered-or-named
  5. What are you planning to put on top of it, Glenn? (just curious)
  6. 60K declaring they're "ready for war" is an invasionary force, and should be greeted as such....with extreme prejudice! Then go after those responsible for encouraging, financing, and organizing their trip.....with extreme prejudice!
  7. I think that most folks walking around butt-hurt all the time never learned to be comfortable in their own skin. They are exactly the type of psychologically weak ones that communists harvest as pawns. After destroying the whole concept of the family unit, they create a zillion labels to divide everyone from everyone else and make them feel even more vulnerable, then welcome them to unite under one of a couple purely destructive banners whether they fit or not. Tearing everything down morally and culturally and "rebuilding it" is exactly what the entire "Build Back Better" plan is in a nutshell.
  8. Hasn't logged on since making that one and only post nearly three years ago, so I wouldn't get my hopes up.
  9. Precisely why we don't give it to horses continuously, and why we even rotate wormers to be sure that we hit all the bugs and don't build up their immunity.
  10. Similarly, all the barns I'm in and having my hands contacting whatever their horses step in....pretty sure I'm immune to Escherichia coli.
  11. I believe it's smaller......and has a lifetime warranty (serviced in Livonia, Michigan). Anything much better would likely go over budget.
  12. With your specified budget, might as well just get a UTG Bug Buster. It's durable enough to stand up well on springer air rifles, is compact, has a lifetime warranty, and has parallax adjustment down to about 10ft.
  13. Nope! I can legally ship an entire pistol back to Ruger (for instance) w/o worry.
  14. You have always been able to legally ship to the manufacturer as a private citizen w/o FFL. Just follow their instructions to the letter. The reason it's legal is because no transfer of ownership is taking place.
  15. I can't say the same. Second wife was a "Dark Eyed Woman".
  16. Telegram is the ONLY social media of that type I've ever used. Sometimes I have to kick it out and reload it to get it to work, but not often enough for me to toss it. FWIW, James O'Keefe has posted: "Your suspicions are about to be confirmed tonight at 8pm. #Pfizer"
  17. Things you see when you wish you had a steam roller......or a D9 Cat. Seeing the panic would be worth the price of admission. I wonder if shat loosens super glue?
  18. I don't believe that he's a citizen....yet, but I do believe he's in the process. Just an FYI: You can ONLY get his CDs from his website, because he's not on a label. www.hangovergang.com He also has related merch that he sells. I ordered a shirt with the last two CDs. Here's another taste of what he produces.
  19. If I may, I'd recommend the CD "Us Against The World", which has such great tunes as "Snowflakes", "Fake Woke", and "Dummies" as well as the "America" cut in the posted video. FWIW, I made a mistake in the OP. He's only been in the U.S. for about 4 years. The reason he gets away with what he does is because he is 100% independent. No record label, management agency/promoter, or anything else that could limit his message. He and his girlfriend do everything! She shoots all his videos, and the two of them build all the sets (many of them in their home). When a new album is released he personally hand autographs CDs for the first week, and they work long hours printing mailing labels & stuffing envelopes to ship all themselves.
  20. Rap really isn't my genre of choice, but this guy is setting the internet and music industry on FIRE! He's Canadian born, but has been in the U.S. for about 10 years, and he loves the country. Most of his music points out hypocrisy, lunacy, corruption, and government overreach. His most recent video was released today, and it's a good one. Though aimed at a different and younger crowd than the typical Armory members, it resonates with a HUGE number of folks across a majority of demographics.
  21. And now this. https://www.deepcapture.com/2021/09/affidavit-of-ltc-theresa-long-m-d-in-support-of-a-motion-for-a-preliminary-injunction-order/
  22. They will never stop creating crisis' that they have to save us from.....until WE stop them!
  23. I'm thinking that the idea is to never have the virus ever "on the ropes" so to speak. The longer it's the current crisis, the longer big government, big pharma, big tech, a whole host of alphabet agencies, and who knows who else maintains power and/or keeps raking in tax dollars and bilking the general public in some fashion. It's never going to be allowed to be on the back burner ever from now on (if we let them keep up the ruse).
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