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  1. I agree to let it go, your preferences are different than mine, dynas are nice bikes, I saw that you posted somewhere else that you picked up a Roadking Police, also a very nice bike. compared ....I had to, sorry!!!
  2. You brought up wheel base not me when comparing, heres your quote :" My Dyna will out ride any softail. Softails are bigger, heavier and have a longer wheel base which doesn't go well for tight turns". The difference is .3 of an inch to a Softail and .7 to a Roadking, why did you even bother, you should have checked first, lesson learned. I recommend that CaptainBarred go check one out and not rely on advise from a gun board. Capt, too bad you live so far away I would have all three of these bikes sitting in my driveway for you to ride including the one pictured in the original post here. Ride on
  3. Thanks for proving most of my points. The reason Police use FL is because of the ride and suspension set up. The wheel base of a Dyna is 64.2 and the wheel base of a Roadking is 63.5, the Softail Deluxe has a wheelbase of 64.5. This tiny amount of difference in wheel base does'nt add up to a hill of beans. I said external "spring/shock" not "external shock". I had a SuperGlide for years, now its Roadking and Softail Deluxe, won't go back to Dyna.
  4. You don't know what you are talking about, no way an external spring/shock dyna will ever ride as well as a Softail or air ride Touring, I own both. Dyna's are basic, most riders move up to other models.
  5. Stereotypes historically have elements in truth, it works for all races. This forum is a powder keg with the fuse burning close to the powder, its not a good idea to get into race discussions here. Native topics are fine but some people get very emotional when race comparisons are brought up especially here in MN where there are gaming, harvest and social issues constantly debated. This may start out as light hearted..........
  6. I remember the PX in Schwienfurt Germany taking Harley orders, they even had a model or two hanging around.
  7. mnblaster

    big gun show

    Mother nature is finally going to give me a break this weekend, looks like I'll be able to make it.
  8. mnblaster

    range brass

    hey, buy some more .45 brass and fire up the Dillon
  9. mnblaster


    I'd rather plow than drop salt. When you are plowing snow people have more sense, when you are just salting everyone wants to pass like Indy.
  10. If it goes well for you we'll do a celebration shoot, if not we can do a shoot anyway.
  11. mnblaster


    I need more OT before spring
  12. The pan handlers have been out on the corners when its below zero for hours every night this winter. "We need a hard winter to clean up the streets" when is this going to start,.....never.
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