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  1. vic_b

    Hey guys.....

    Thought I would drop in and say hi before I headed back out. I have been certified as fit for duty and got penciled in for a ship. I'll miss the holidays, but money talks and fertilizer walks. A little update on my status....I got a lump on my thigh that goes all the way around my leg and still got aches and pains, especially since the cold weather hit. It helps that I haven't been sitting on the computer all day. I packed on 20 pounds and have been working to lose it. Got to admit I have frequenting another forum, that is quite a bit smaller than the armory. I have been limiting my time on my backside and have lost a little of the weight I gained. Recovery is going to be a long process, but it will help being on a ship and doing some work. I hope everyone is doing good, and I'll drop in once awhile as the internet access permits.
  2. People in this post have been talking fatalities. There are worse things than dying. Imagine having someone making minimum wages wipe your butt, because you are paralyzed, imagine looking into the mirror every day seeing a mangled mess that used to be your face, imagine not being able to take a deep breath because the steering wheel imbedded itself in your chest. Just saying.....
  3. vic_b

    Hey Psy

    Been there! It's not bad at all. There is another up by me called trappers sushi, it's a little spendy and no conveyor but there is a good selection for non-sushi lovers. Happy Birthday!!
  4. This! And make the released criminals do the run......in shackles.
  5. vic_b

    Dowsing rods

    Never seen it but my brother in law dug his well using the method with the PVC pipe and wires. Lot's of things can't be explained by science.
  6. If they don't want overcrowding in the prisons, build more. This creates jobs and makes our streets safer. A win-win situation.
  7. Sounds like fun......for the bulls!
  8. Been there done that and got the T-shirt! Thank you for your service Sir! No sarcasm intended either, that thank you was sincere!
  9. I got an idea.....let criminals out of jail.....but they have to get past a gauntlet of 10 shooters of average skill, with semi-auto weapons placed 100 yds from the gate. Let them out 5 at a time just to be fair.
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