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  1. smallblockfuelie

    Geothermal heat sink greenhouse

    Ive always wanted the ability to grow crops year around cheaply. Heating a greenhouse with gas is cost prohibitive, and wood heat is just a whole lot of work. I think Ive found a cheaper and easier alternative through a geothermal heat sink system. So Im about to start a new project, a geothermal heat sink greenhouse. Im havng a hole dug and will filling it with 125 yards of rock. The rock will be 4 feet deep and will have two layers of perforated 4 inch Daumier drain tile. The bottom set of drain tiles, one every two feet, will be connected in a manifold (55 gallon drum) with a 6 inch inline fan attached. On the intake side of that fan will be some 6 inch PVC that goes to the peak of the greenhouse. As the fun runs it will draw the hot air from the peak of the greenhouse, push it through the manifold and doen into 10 length of the the perforated drains tile. The air will be pushed up through the rock and transfer heat from the hot air into my screened sewer size rock (2-4 inch). Near the top of the rock will be a se onds et of perforated drain tile. The air will enter and be pushed back up into the greenhouse. Between the rock and the walls of hole will be 4 inches of styrofoam. This will insulate the rock from the soil around it, helping to hold the heat in the rock for transfer back into the greenhouse after the sun goes down and greenhouse temps drop. Over the top of the rock we are putting a drainage fabric. It will prevent the soil from being washed down into our rock and perforated drain tile, but will allow water to drain. On the top of the drainage fabric will be 2 feet of soil. On top of that will be grow boxes where everything will be grown. Im in 5b, but think this should allow me to grow year round and only require enough electricity to run the fan in order to keep the greenhouse warm. If I cant grow frost sensitive crops like tomatoes I can totally grow cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and the like
  2. smallblockfuelie

    Ruger 10/22 take down suppressed

    There will be a lot of this coming to the market if they can pass the HPA
  3. smallblockfuelie

    need recommendations on light weight rifle for kids

    It will be in next week
  4. smallblockfuelie

    Is an air rifle part of your emegency preps?

    Looking at buying a 177 air rifle. Any air rifle nuts with actual experience on several makes and models?
  5. smallblockfuelie

    need recommendations on light weight rifle for kids

    Thanks for all the input. Going to go see my guy today and order a CZ 455
  6. smallblockfuelie

    Seriously? General Qualifies With M9

    Love that teacup action!
  7. smallblockfuelie

    Gun Deer Season 11/12 In Missouri

    Poor guy, not even a single reply! It appears all the MO folks are shy
  8. I've paid no attention to the gun industry for about 5 years, I'm so far behind. With that in mind I'd love some suggestions on a young child friendly bolt action 22 LR rifle with a threaded barrel.
  9. smallblockfuelie

    Hey shotgun reloaders, what 12 gauge hulls to pickup?

    I just remembered a little shop near me that sells reloading supplies and loads/sells shot shells. I'll swing by with a hand full of cash and have him get me started and ask him what I could pickup for what I'm wanting to do.
  10. smallblockfuelie

    Hey shotgun reloaders, what 12 gauge hulls to pickup?

    I'll have to check mine, but that makes perfect sense.
  11. smallblockfuelie

    Hey shotgun reloaders, what 12 gauge hulls to pickup?

  12. smallblockfuelie

    Hey shotgun reloaders, what 12 gauge hulls to pickup?

    think I found them. For anyone else interested the channel name is PowerFactorshow
  13. smallblockfuelie

    Suppressor For A Friend Approved

    Awesome. What did he get?
  14. smallblockfuelie

    NFA Trust, Who to Use?

    Having a trust in place prepares me in the event the political winds shifts. Look at the crap CA is trying to do. It can get worse. And your item B alone makes a trust a good idea. I can add and remove family and even friends to ensure none of us have to face the full rectal exam power of the BATFE and their unlimited resources to prosecute.
  15. smallblockfuelie

    Ivanka Trump needs more boycotts

    They're stupid Ivanka is a lefty just like them, They're boycotting someone who thinks just like them