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  1. Very nice review i think i'm going to pick one up in the future, friend of mine just bought one let me try it, you can pick up the dot very fast. good luck,and Congrats!
  2. Mule Deer and whitetails and Elk oh yeah.
  3. AR15 for me and my 1911, sorry can't take just one.
  4. Great pictures, sounds like a lot of fun.
  5. Yes 55 gr FMJ with cannalure and crimp, i need to look at the book to check MV this is the max load for AA2200, i got this powder cheap, for the intension of plinking with it.
  6. I picked up two 8 LB kegs AA2200 that has been discontinued, i think they replaced it with 2230 can't recall the no# for sure anyway i have shot about 350 to 400 rds with it, i could not find any load data in any of my reloading manuals and i have a AA manual so i called them and told them what i had the guy was real helpful and sent me the data for aa2200. so long story short worked up to 23.5grs with 55gr sp and fmj, the best group was with V-MAX bullets in my varminter which were 1/2 to 3/4 at 100yds. my M4's shot around 2 1/2 to 3in. i still like H335 the best in all of the rifles i have. hope this helps
  7. I pick up 9.0 for my middy nice and easy to install.
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