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  1. BoomerG20

    Before and After.... Taurus PT1911

    I just finished it back in late August, 2 range trips so far, about 100 rounds through it and i can just start to see some scuffing on the barrel shroud, no holster wear, shoots pretty good, no malfunctions... was just under 200 for the ceracoat
  2. BoomerG20

    Before and After.... Taurus PT1911

    Graphite black H-146
  3. BoomerG20

    Wearing Perscription Glasses when shooting

    It depends on how high the prescription on your readers is. If it’s a high prescription you will have a really fuzzy rear sight and the targets will be a blob. I use an old pair of glasses probably 4 or 5 prescription adjustments ago and find that my front sight is a lot clearer( not entirely perfect but very usable) and the rear sight and targets are only a little fuzzy....
  4. BoomerG20

    Whoopie! Guess what just came in the mail?

    We used to have “lifetime” permits, until Cuomo made us have to renew them every 5 years....
  5. BoomerG20

    Before and After.... Taurus PT1911

    I started the refurb with making sure the gun worked as it should so I replaced the ambi safety with a Wilson Combat extended safety, i had to make a new safety plunger, new used Novak adjustable sights I got on a trade, I bought VZ grips and screws. I had test fit everything and got it the way I wanted, then I started working on the cosmetic flaws. I welded up the drilled holes in the slide and handworked the welds flush, then I handworked the entire frame and slide to remove the scratches, did a little trigger work then gave it to a friend for ceracoating and did the final assembly........ After: Everything was ceracoated so it would look the same, sights, barrel, bushing, guide rod, etc...
  6. So I was bored and needed something to do, I was off work for three months recuperating from surgery, I needed a “project” I went to a local gun show and bought this really beat up Taurus for $250 plus tax and transfer fee. This thing was pretty beat up, it had the wrong grips on it the grip screws weren’t flush the slide was drilled and tapped for some kinda mount, the sights were installed with a file and were junk, the safety didn’t work correctly, the frame and the entire pistol were really scratched up like it had been drug down the road behind a truck..... Before:
  7. BoomerG20

    450 Bushmaster goodness

    What’s the diameter on the 275gr pills? I’m thinking I could use them in my 454, if so I’ll take them
  8. BoomerG20

    brass trading

    I type really slooooowwww....
  9. BoomerG20

    brass trading

    Sounds good, pm sent
  10. BoomerG20

    brass trading

    I have a 26 pound dog food container full of 223, The 357 is only worth about $14 you can have it, I have nothing in it and won’t get any use out of it.
  11. BoomerG20


    Nice shooters!
  12. BoomerG20

    Holy crap!

    Look at the prices on these revolvers.... the picture is number 2 on the list Janz Revolver USA Inventory Type Caliber Length Finish Ser# Retail Price 1.) MA 500 S&W 4” Matte Stainless MA50011 $ 16999.00 2.) MA 500 S&W 6” Matte Stainless MA50012 $ 16,999.00 3.) MA 460 S&W 6” Matte Stainless MA46011 $ 16,999.00 Sold 4.) EM .357 Mag 6” HG Blue (Fluted Cylinder) EM0046 (SOLD) $ 13,499.00 5.) E .357 Mag 3” HG Blue (full Cylinder) 0207 $ 15,899.00 6.) E .22 LR 6” Matte Blue 0209 $ 11,513.00
  13. BoomerG20

    Good Morning!

    Good morning from Western NY, it’s cold here today only 20 degrees....
  14. BoomerG20

    Your top 2 recipes.

    Chicken legs on the grill with Lawreys garlic salt. set your gas grill for the lowest temp, or raise your grate up as high as it will go for charcoal, cook legs for 2 hours (minimum) turning 1/4 turn every 4 to 5 minutes, sprinkle garlic salt over them every half hour coating them all the way around, don’t worry about too much it will cook out. The meat will pull away from the bone but you want to leave them on till the skin gets crispy. the key to this is low heat you want to render the fat under the skin to baste the legs as they cook so they won’t be dry, when the fat is gone the skin will crisp up just like you deep fried it, pop a couple cold beers while you’re cooking