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  1. my G43 came with Meprolite NS, steel construction, there’s a small white ring around the green/green vials that is not as large as Trigicon
  2. Good morning from WesternNY
  3. Looks like they put a 550 primer system on a 650,
  4. Good morning from Western NY
  5. Good morning from Western NY
  6. Good morning from WesternNY
  7. Good morning from western NY
  8. Good morning from Western NY
  9. Good morning from WesternNY
  10. Crap crap and crap.... you guys make it difficult/impossible to stick to a plan .. i want... no NEED to reduce my collection not increase it, i cant start another project, i can't start another project, i cant.... then you gotta show me pictures.... well there it goes... my willpower. bye bye... So I found out that my 03a3 has the wrong stock, and trigger guard, BUT i have (2) 03a3 stamped trigger guards and the rest of the correct stock parts in my spare parts box, so all i need to make that one whole is the correct stock, now i gotta find out if it takes the 10 series or 11 series stock. That leaves me with an 03 barrel and trigger guard, which i cant let just sit around gathering dust. I could build into a correct 03, all I would have to do is find the rest of the parts.
  11. I have the box left over from my last order from Hogdon with the proper warning labels and ill see what i can stuff in there.
  12. Awesome thanks!! i have a couple pounds of Unique and one Blue Dot I wont use and can throw that in as well, theres another 2 pounds of something else if itl all fit in the box you can have it....
  13. Good morning from Western NY
  14. Thanks guys, I don’t see me using either of those powders in the near future...
  15. I bought a reloading box lot and picked up a couple pounds of each, IMR 4064 and 4227. What cartridges are these powders good in? I don’t do a lot of rifle reloading.
  16. Good morning from Western NY
  17. The front sights are the same on both barrels.... what I know about these rifles wouldn’t get a frogs ass wet. What’s the difference between the 1903 and the 1903A3?
  18. I found this barrel in the box with all the other 03-A3parts, but the profile on the chamber end doesn’t look the same as my Rem, so I don’t know what it fits. The barrel was purchased from Rock Island Armory in the late 50’s. Part number is on the original packing in the photo, the barrel is marked SA 4-42. I don’t think it’s a Garand barrel, but it is chambered for 30-06...... I’m stumped.
  19. I picked up a sporterised Remington 03-A3 a long while back and got a box of “parts” with it, didn’t really think about the box for years, pulled it out the other day and under a pound of mouse crap and bedding I found all the hardware and upper the hand guard. Now I want to put it back the way it was but am having trouble finding a stock. I tried googling and didn’t get anything useful, if anyone out there can point me in the right direction I’d appreciate it.
  20. Good morning from Western NY
  21. Good morning from WesternNY
  22. Good morning from Western NY
  23. Can you change your camera settings (panoramic instead of face) so that it will only focus on the distant objects?
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