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  1. Could anyone point out a good place to find blueprints for an M1 carbine receiver? The one I baught is 80% and I need to thread for the barrel, mill for the charging handle, and mills and drill for recoil and buffer springs.
  2. How well does 9mm do from a 10" barrel?
  3. Hm, that sounds interesting. 357 does shoot well out of a lever action rifle
  4. I was wondering if anyone here has or has had a M1 carbine in any caliber other than .30 carbine? I am looking at building an M1 off of an 80% lower I found, it came with a barrel in .30 carbine but I think something else would be more fun. I want to chamber in a round that is A: cheaper than .30, B: maybe a better round out of a short barrel, C: accurate, any input would be awesome, thank you
  5. Head to the Osan boys! Hope the forum is not blocked over there. 365 days of eat, work, work out, sleep, for this guy. I am happy and unhappy at the same time. Wife and kids are staying state side and i have not touched an Aircraft in almost 7 years. But i can hardly wait to get this thing going and come back to my family.
  6. Copenhagen is still cheap here on base, $2.10 a can. Im not that old, but i remember having to go to 3 or 4 stores to get everything you needed instead of super walmart. I remember driving just for fun. water guns that looked like real guns. Friday night family morvies on every channel.
  7. I will be checking this out! watched to intro vid on my phone since you web site is blocked on government networks
  8. I actually ment to mark this SOLD a little while back, i traded this for a DE in 50 AE then sold the DE for $2200 lol. sorry for not marking this sold, i forgot about the posting.
  9. Lol it is sexy, I have wanted one since I was like 8 and finally have one
  10. Ok so i found a pair of rubber houge grips i am going to buy, i didnt know they were only $40 so i am going to just keep these as a show piece lol
  11. I will get a picture of the other side loaded up later, i thought i had already put it on here but i guess not. The other side has a different Grim Reaper picture on it
  12. Want to trade these grips for a pair of Factory DE grips or something like it, Even trade i ship to you, you ship to me.
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