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  1. vampiresharpshooter

    Rating Manufacturers

    Olympic as tier two, and CMMG as tier three? This doesn't seem even close to right. I've never owned an Oly, but a friend had one that was nothing but problems. Everything I've read about them on the internet ( I know you can't believe everything) seems to make me think that's fairly common for their customers. I do own one CMMG upper and so far it's been reliable and accurate. I know that one upper doesn't prove that their all that great, but I have read so many favorable comments about them compared to negative ones, that it makes me think CMMG is way better than Olympic Arms.
  2. vampiresharpshooter

    Back from the gun show

    Hey Rodekill, where did you get that muzzle device? I've got a sweet 16 and a 24 inch bench gun that I would love to hang one of those on. Thanks.
  3. vampiresharpshooter

    Question for 308 owners...

    I appoligize. I meant that response for oak1971. I'll be quiet now.
  4. vampiresharpshooter

    Question for 308 owners...

    No offence, but I doubt if Jesus Knows s**t about rifles.
  5. vampiresharpshooter

    Thoughts on ACE Skeleton Buttstock

    I like mine. It's light and seems well made. I'm gonna try a single point sling.
  6. vampiresharpshooter

    AR15 Picture Thread Part II

    Here's one of mine. RRA upper and DPMS lower.
  7. vampiresharpshooter

    rifle ranges in kansas

    I go out to Fancy Creek every chance I get. I bet I've seen you out there.
  8. vampiresharpshooter

    Question about A-2 rear sight.

    Well, I couldn't find a punch small enough to get the pin out. I'll figure somthing out eventually, but until then I'm certainly open to suggestions. It just now occured to me that I probably posted this question in the wrong forum. Sorry.
  9. vampiresharpshooter

    Question about A-2 rear sight.

    Thank's for the replies. I'll post again when I get the sight apart and see if it looks like the spring has an issue.
  10. vampiresharpshooter

    Question about A-2 rear sight.

    It pivots forward almost 1/8" with no tension to keep it from doing so. I don't have a punch small enough to disassemble the sight, but I'll get one tomorrow and see if I can figure it out. I suppose either the base of the aperture is deformed or the leaf spring under it is misshaped or installed incorrectly. I really just wondered if anyone had seen this before and could steer me in the right direction.
  11. vampiresharpshooter

    Question about A-2 rear sight.

    When my rear sight is set on the large aperture everything seems normal, but when I flip it to the small aperture it is loose and pivots slightly on the shaft. What could be wrong? On my other Ar15 with a removeable rear sight it's tight in both positions. Thank you in advance for any advice you can give me.