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  1. I mainly use Lake CIty brass from www.scharch.com they sell brass that is ready to shoot other than chamfer and deburing. The primer pocket has already been cut. Dillon makes a tool to swage the crimp out of the pocket if you have a lot of military brass.
  2. My loads have carried me to a high master classification NRA Highpower competitor. I shoot a Sierra .69 in front of 25 grains of Varget seated to mag length at the 200 and 300 yard lines. A 80 grain Sierra at 600 with the same 25 grains of Varget seated .10 off the lands of a Frank White ( www.compasslake.com ) chambered Douglas stainless 1:8 twist barrel. The load you settle needs to hold a minute of angle out to 600 yards off a bench. After that it's all up to you. Practice position and put a lot of rounds down range. Good luck and good shooting. Thank you for your service.
  3. I am new to the site but would like to add my two cents. I have been shooting highpower for a dozen years so I have a little knowledge to back up my opinion. The Jewell two stage trigger is as good as I have personally shot for the money. They first and second stages are independently adjustable as are the sear engagement and over travel, plus Midway runs them on sale a couple times a year for less than $200.
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