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  1. rasputin

    Garbage can liners

    $124.62 for 100.
  2. rasputin

    Garbage can liners

    I don't know what they cost. Didn't ask. Didn't look at the invoice. They arrived yesterday. Had just ordered them at 9pm last Thursday night. No price change though from last time which was two years ago. I get 100 at a time. I'll look at the invoice.
  3. rasputin

    Good Morning!

    Good morning
  4. rasputin

    Any Financial Planners on here?

    Call Vanguard.
  5. rasputin

    Good Morning!

    Good morning
  6. rasputin

    Garbage can liners

    Ok, so I'm a little nuts. You know these wheeled garbage toters many of us are using nowadays? Well, there's a company that makes plastic liners to fit them. Keeps things more tidy. Nice folks, too. So here they are: http://filmproductsinc.com
  7. rasputin

    Kershaw deals, 4 hours left?

    I really like BladeHQ.com
  8. rasputin's rule number 8 - If you haven't owned a bike by the age of 40, you can't buy one after 40. Tell me that isn't a good rule.
  9. rasputin

    Birthday Strip Club

    So I was going to New York City for a conference. Was meeting a buddy there. I wanted to find a good stream house. Well, after I'd left my wife turns on the computer. I guess I shouldn't have googled "New York strip."
  10. rasputin

    Good Morning!

    Good morning.
  11. rasputin

    Good Morning!

    Well, it's past morning but what the heck... Good morning.
  12. rasputin

    Hey Eduardo Rgm

    Happy Birthday
  13. rasputin

    Ginsburg falls and breaks 3 ribs

    Ok, I admit it. But I didn't mean to trip her. Ok, ok...yes I did. Poor old lady. But let's not forget the nasty things she's recently said about Trump. Old crow.
  14. rasputin

    Mass shooting in California

    It's easy to say what someone else should do or what you think you would do. Probably depends on the ability to overcome fear, react instantly, confidence in one's physical prowess. This incident probably happened pretty quickly. Plus, the element of surprise was on his side. I'd think twice about attacking a young man who has a gun while I'm un-armed. Now we find out he's an ex-Marine. Probably has some hand-to-hand combat training/experience. The fact that he's nuts would also enter into the equation. I wouldn't try to physically subdue some freak on PCP. Not without a sturdy weapon. And yes, a G26 would be a sturdy weapon.
  15. rasputin

    Ginsburg falls and breaks 3 ribs

    With all due respect... Bull-sh*t. Longhair, you sexist bastiage. (Just kidding of course. Kinda'.)