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  1. I too have been in the Firing Line- I usually go there, get a lane on the range, shoot, and get the heck out. Not a big fan of the owner at all. I did order one AR-15 thru there because they were the cheapest around. My CCW gun is a Sig 226 in .357 sig. Once while checking in at the range the owner asked what I was going to shoot. I told him I was going to put 2 boxes thru my CCW gun and explained what it was. I was treated to a 5 minute lecture on why that round was the wrong choice, why a 9mm was much better, bla bla bla. I do not currently own a 10mm YET. When I do get one (am waiting for the VLTOR Bren to come out) that will be the first place I go shoot it... Brian
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