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  1. cdavila

    f/s dpms lr-308

    Thanks i will get on it right away.
  2. cdavila

    f/s dpms lr-308

    I do not know how to post pics on here, but i can emai them to you if you give me your email.
  3. cdavila

    f/s dpms lr-308

    My had i thought you went to a FFL holder and you could fill something out stating that you had sold the weapon to someone else and ownership was documented to the new owner i believe it is like twenty bucks.
  4. cdavila

    f/s dpms lr-308

    Hey Dragonstaar i was really looking yo sell locally so the person could come and pick it up so we could go and change ownership with the paperwork but i have some pics if you coud send me your emial i will send them to you if you are still interested.
  5. cdavila

    f/s dpms lr-308

    I am in austin and am interested in selling my dpms lr 308 if anyone is interested it has 45 rounds through it looking to get $900.00 for it, with taxes i paid $1190.00 for the rifle and the scope is a nikon monarch with the bullet drop compensation it was $429.00 but all can be yours for $900.00.
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