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  1. I lost a few detent springs and pins through the years! I now keep an Oppps Kit with lots of spare parts but I also bought all the new fangled tools that help prevent SPOIL (Sudden Parts Orbital Insertion Launch)
  2. I don't have a Shelby but I do have a 71 Mach 1 Mustang!
  3. So, CBC called and said the Hera rail is back ordered for god knows how long and offered a substitute which I took. It's a 15" Keymod with angle cut front. I like it but I am still lusting after the Hera rail! What do you guys think of this rail? I am going to break up some of that Keymod goodness with Railscales and maybe some other attachments but I don't know if I am too keen on the weight reduction cuts on the top picatinny rail. My OCD is tingling!
  4. Well guys, I finally got my ducks in a row and have a clear path for this build... I went with Strike Industries Enhanced LPK for the lower build and I just ordered a 16" Upper with a Hera 15" Key Mod hand guard from CBC Industries! I also got a MOE+ FDE grip and a Houge FDE/Black stock coming and I am thinking about some FDE rail Scales to accent the Keymod rail.
  5. Here is the problem with America as I see it...America has reached the point of being polarized by two distinct sides. Basically, we have the Liberals and the Conservatives, and both sides have voting numbers around 50%. Now, voting numbers are important because I think the Conservative side still outnumbers the Libs as they have for many years however, there are a lot of Conservatives that don't/won't vote. The Libs, of course inflate their voting numbers with fake votes, illegals, deceased, etc...but these Liberal voters keep electing these politicians such as Pelosi, Finestien, Shumer, AOC, etc... So here is the problem...the USA is split right down the middle with 50% of the voting population dead set that the other 50% is completely wrong in their views! Unless we can get our sides voting numbers up, we will be facing a stalemate which will eventually come to blows. It will be a civil war but not between North and South...it will be between Conservatives and Liberals. Still just as bad though...city against city, neighbor against neighbor, even family member vs family member! Assuming that all of us reading this are on the conservative side, we are expected to just roll over and give up our rights as the liberals gain more and more power. We also know that the liberals are gaining power because they do the exact opposite...when their opinions and views are the minority, they scream and fight and call names until they get their way! Again, this needs to stop! Our country was founded on the principal that the law of the land is to be decided by the majority...not the minority! So in a nutshell, you can see the problem we are faced with! Unless we get our voting numbers up, there is no longer a majority! Or worse yet, the other side will continue to get their voting numbers up and will take the actual majority instead of just operating on their current perceived majority! Either way, we are faced with quite a conundrum in this day and age! It's a battle of emotions vs. common sense and folks, common sense is losing! Make no mistake about it! Our forefathers fought tyranny to give us the rights that we have today and now 50% of Americans are fighting to take them away! We are facing strange days ahead but I do believe the path that we need to take will become clear at some point! Hopefully long before we lose any rights and it becomes irreversible! If that path leads to offensive measures, we need to have the police, feds and armed forces on our side, standing FOR the Constitution! At this very point in time, I don't think we have that...if an armed group of Conservatives burst into city hall to arrest a anti-constitutional mayor, you know damned well that that group of patriots would be labeled as terrorists and arrested or stamped out by law enforcement! This is what we need to overcome before any physical action could be taken. Hopefully we can solve this decline into liberal oppression at the ballot box but if not, it is important enough that it will need to solve it by other means. I have no problem knowing that I am on the side of the right because I support the Constitution! Those we face undoubtedly oppose it. Keep your powder dry, patriots...we'll know when it is time.
  6. I use the razor blade technique and haven't launched one into orbit yet! I have more trouble trying to get the bolt catch roll pin to start without dropping it 6 times!
  7. Last night was open mic night at Pittsburgh City Council...debates for and against the gun control bills were heard in the city building lobby. Hopefully it was enough to persuade more than half of council to vote against gun control or face arrest!
  8. I pulled the 'trigger' and ordered the SI Enhanced kit! Good deal on ebay for $69.90!
  9. I agree totally BUT...everybody wants to be a patriot until it is time to do patriot shat! You know what I'm sayin'?
  10. Welcome to the world of AR15's! Just a warning...they are addictive! This won't be your last...LOL! Once you get BRD, there is no cure!
  11. I am thinking about getting a Strike Industries Enhanced LPK for my next lower build. I kind of like the redesigned pins, mag release and selector but first off, is the quality pretty decent and also, do the enhanced parts look cool or are they too 'gadgety looking?' I mean, you can't beat a classic milspec LPK for good looks and dependability but I kind of wanted to do something a little different on this build...just don't want it to look like a space blaster of some scifi airsoft gun, LOL.
  12. Awesome...but not $500+ awesome! I don't really need an expensive knife that will last forever...I'd probably just lose it anyway!
  13. Yeah, we are on the front lines here in the Pittsburgh area! We are getting it from the Mayor of Pittsburgh and Governor of PA, not to mention the federal bans lining up in Washington! The only good news so far is that the DA just issued a letter to city council stating that it would be illegal for them to pass and restrictions or bans in Pittsburgh! https://triblive.com/news/adminpage/14506518-74/allegheny-county-da-warns-pittsburgh-council-could-face-charges-over-gun-restrictions
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