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  1. those are some really good points I ll will need to consider. I just liked the thought of the combo. wasnt sure how managable it will be.
  2. i will snap a photo and upload in the morning...i just mounted my EOTech and get to sight it in tomorrow some details for now: Lightweight M4 barrel, A3 upper, flip down sights front and rear, quad rail, pistol grip,6 positon stock...my avatar photo is the model basicly but I choose against the skeleton stock...i am looking for some info on how to get my hands on a flare launcher ( to attach under the barrel) i want to convert it to a single 12 ga rd. Im sure there is a different thread for that !! Thanks for all the warm welcomes...i hope to learn alot from the members here.
  3. Galls is a great value. however if your wife is top heavy you will find a problem fitting her as was the case with mine,(wife) and will have to do a custom job. otherwise check out: http://www.body-armor.com/femalecentennial.php for femal applications.
  4. I just bought a light weight tactical M4 AR-15 3 days ago...and last month a new H&K .45usp and hopefully next week a remington model 700 .270...the two prior are for work.
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