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  1. Just got my Noveske KX3, can't wait to go see how it works!!
  2. Hi-Point all the way!! Actually, Springfield gets my vote but Glock takes a very close second.
  3. I have owned three Glocks:22,23,26, an XD-9, XDM-40 and an M&P .45. I currently only own the two XDs. The M&P was very accurate and seemed like a pretty good gun minus the horrendous trigger, I just didn't like it as much as my XDs, I traded it in for a Springfield Micro 1911 for off-duty carry. I sold all three Glocks because the grip angle kicks my butt, but now there are some aftermarket frames available for the Glock that has more of a 1911 grip angle so I may be picking up a couple more Glocks in the near future. I think that any of these guns would make you happy---you just need to decide which one best suits you. I carry the XDM-40 on duty. I trust my life to it every night and have no reservations. I have put a ton of lead through that thing without so much as one misshap and it is very accurate. Just my two cents.
  4. What you guys said about the rail makes alot of sense, I never really though about that, but yeah. I think a DD 12 inch would look very nice and would about cover the barrel all the way to the FS. Also, the extended sight radius is a plus. Soooo, I may have a DD carbine length forearm for sale soon. Thanks again guys for all your help. It's nice to have a place to come and ask questions and not be treated like an idiot.
  5. Ok, I just ordered the MI FFR front sight and the matching rear sight! I got a very nice Military/ Law Enforcement discount, as I am a member of both, and they're going to ship on monday! The phone at MI rang maybe twice before an actual person answered and the woman that I spoke to was VERY pleasant! Talk about customer service! I am one very happy BRD infectee right now! Thanks again for everyone's help.
  6. My forearm is a Daniel Defense and the sight I've been eyeballing all morning is the MI. A store here in Tulsa has the same MI for a gas block and I almost bought it the other day but I thought I'd better find out for sure first. I'm glad I did because I'd have been shooting LOW had I mounted that sight on my forearm.
  7. I'm not looking for 500 yard hair splitting accuracy here. If I can hit a man sized target center mass at 100 yards I'll be happy. I think if I zero it properly I'll be ok. Thanks again guys for your input!
  8. Ok, cool. You guys cleared it up for me, thanks!! So, I either need to replace my gas block, which I don't really want to do, or get one of those MI FFR sights, or something comparable, designed to mount on the forearm. Thank you guys!!
  9. This is my backup on nights when I work alone. As you can tell, it's missing iron sights. I like the eotech but I want some irons on there just in case. The question I have is this: All the front flip-up sights I can find say they are for a gas block. Obviously that would disqualify my rifle. I'm not sure if there is different one that I would mount onto the rail or if one of the gas block ones would work. Both of my other rifles have standard front sights so I'm kinda in the dark here as far as what would work on this rifle. Any advice you guys can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  10. Went to the gun show this weekend and got all my babies up and running...FINALLY!! Still need/want a few things but here they are in their current state:
  11. My babies. I have a few others but these two are my favorites.
  12. Picked me up a new Double Star stripped lower at the gun show this weekend, put a new DPMS parts kit in it, ordered a VLTOR modstock and a few other goodies, need suggestions on an upper half. In the past, I have always just bought a complete Bushmaster rifle and tricked it out, this my first fully custom build and the upper half options are mind boggling I found a couple I like by Stag, Yankee Hill, and GG&G to name a few. What do you guys suggest as far as the customer service of these companies, speed of delivery, price/quality comparison and so forth? Also, if any of these companies offer military/police discounts, both apply to me so that would be a factor in my decision. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys! Criteria: 16" chrome LINED, not moly, flattop reciever, flip up front sight, A2 or phantom compensator, and I think the rest is negotiable.
  13. Nothin' like blasting a few hundred rounds and decapitating a couple cottonmouths to celebrate America's freedom and my favorite amendment... A thing of beauty GET SOME!!! Me (on right) and my buddy with our Bushmaster xm15s Always training... Always ready... Always screwin' around.. That was a really fun day
  14. So, I'm thinking about using my reenlistment bonus to purchase a Sabre SPR 20" w/1:8 twist and putting a Trijicon 2.5-16x scope on it (cant remember the model number offhand). I feel that this would be an awesome close/intermediate range precision setup without having to sacrifice semiauto/mag capacity like I would with a bolt action. Plus I LOVE the trigger on those SPRs!! Does anyone have any opinions, experience, guidance or general input for me?
  15. Thanks!! Yeah, one of my homemade specials...thought it'd be a cool backdrop.
  16. WOW! Alot'a nice stuff on here! I thought I'd throw in my two cents...here's my baby and her little sidekick:
  17. So this new guy at work told me he had a Browning AR for sale. To my knowledge, Browning doesn't make an AR...or if they do, I'm unaware of it. Can anyone help me out here??
  18. Awesome, thanks alot guys, you've all been very helpful. Wulf50guy, thanks for your input on the forend. I currently have an ARMS S.I.R. on mine. I can't remember the exact model #, but it's the one designed for the A2 reciever. I'll have to check out the MI stuff, I love the look of yours, and to answer your question, free float for sure. So I've pretty much decided on an ARMS #40 for the BUIS, and I'm gonna research all the stuff you guys have suggested in the other areas. Here's my current setup:
  19. Cool, thanks guys, that gives me a bit to mull over. I found a LMT that I really like, so I'll probably go that route. Although there's a store here in Tulsa that stocks alot of RRA and it seems like it's pretty awesome stuff. Hmmmmm....maybe I'll just build two! The Bravo stuff I looked at seemed like it was right up my alley as well, every bit of it was out of stock though So many choices, I'm gonna loose alot of sleep over this I'm sure. Haha
  20. So, I'm ready to upgrade my Bushy A2 upper. I've done some research and found a few that I like by GG&G, LMT, Bushmaster & RRA. I know I want a 16" barrel, A3 reciever, and some sort of rail fore end. I need a bit of guidance as to what would be my best bet. I originally got the A2 style because that's what I carried in the Marine Corps and I never removed the carry handle from the M4 I carried in the Army, so the good old iron sights are what I'm used to. I am now ready to join the 21st century and convert over to an electronic optic, probably an Aimpoint. Also, what kind of flip-up rear sight would be best? Any input you guys can offer would be greatly appreciated.
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