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  1. i never got that "if you're in a fight, don't fight back unless you want to get suspended too" bs. well, i mean, i get it, but it is total crap. i suppose the primary objective of this is to teach the kids not to stick up for themselves/their rights, as it's not worth the trouble. this line of thinking, of course, is supposed to carry over into adulthood so the sheeple wont bleat too much when as their rights are being stripped away, or feel empowered or capable of fending for themselves. all men are not created equal (oh crap, i'm not being p.c. i guess i have to say "people" or "humans" instead of "men", esp since men are evil, stupid, and useless nowadays...), catering to the lowest common denominator will only put us in the bottom of the barrel.
  2. i had an extended period without a lot of sleep and a lot of early morning/late night driving and would drink a cup of coffee getting ready in the morning, then shortly afterwards wash down a couple caffiene pills with a monster energy drink during the 3 hour, 4 am morning commute...and if i got there earlyish i could still zonk for half an hour or whatever in the parking lot... probably not really good to do...
  3. didnt they have something like this back in the cold war, but more like "let the fbi know if your neighbor is a red"? what ever happened to building a working relationship with the neighbors? no damn sense of community anymore.
  4. i liked it - saw at the movied and picked up on dvd. much better farewell to the series than the new rocky flick was. stallone got all swollen up and scary looking, but hey, thats what gh will do to ya. ha. i liked when he first got the .50 and hosed down the cab of the truck it was attached to. fun stuff.
  5. so, this reintroduction is in response to the huge spike in murders we've seen using "assault weapons" since the ban was lifted, ya?
  6. which makes me wonder: who the hell was the first person that looked at a squid, or a lobster and thought "hmmm, ill bet thats good eatin?". not very...food-lookin.
  7. what a waste of skin. 'be a man about it"? how about be a man and dont pick random fights with people. esp people that were probably presumed unarmed, thats pretty cowardly imho. hope he gets raped in prison.
  8. lol yeah, and that will really mess them up on trivia gameshows when the actual year was 1962... flippin commies...
  9. everythings fair game except the face. eyebrow lip nose rings just dont do it for me...
  10. did you try an easy out? goes in a drill, drill it into the offending bolt, and then slowly reverse it, might work... ...assuming you can fit a drill in there...
  11. dont worry, its just big brother. take two of these and stay on the line. help is on the way.
  12. lol i hear ya. i love working on cars, but...i absolutely hate working on cars. the half hour job that ends up taking all day, a couple trips to the store for new bolts, and probably should also have resulted in a trip for a few stitches, except for a general reluctance to go to the hospital while still conscious and/or under your own power. usually the seemingly simple "oh, its only three bolts and it looks like i can get to them all pretty easily" jobs that result in tool launching incidents. hah like this one time i noticed my spare tire well was full of water. which of course led to me gutting the entire interior of the car (except the dash/pedals) to track it down. cause? leaking taillights (doh!). solution? clear silicone caulk around the lights. time for repair? 10 minutes. time to find problem, uninstall and reinstall interior? all freaking day. or this other time, i was putting in a header/high flow cat. bolts rusted, breaker bar and pb blaster did nothing. drive half an hour to a muffler shop, realized i had no money and the bank was closed. went to the store next door, got a case of beer, paid them with that to torch/loosen the bolts, drove half an hour back home, took it off, then the freaking o2 sensor wouldnt come off. took the cat with, drove an hour in a different car to my dad's job, they have a shop with torches, vises and stuff. still couldnt get it off. cut the connector off, had to splice in a universal one from autozone (thatll be 90 bucks thank you very much). another all day simple job.
  13. lol exactly. like...who the hell would come up with that?
  14. lol here ya go http://www.badgerbadgerbadger.com/ ...always good to mutter repeatedly under your breath while performing menial tasks in the presence of others...
  15. lol, thats what i meant by "burn in" agreed, pilots should be able to carry.
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