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  1. grp318

    Bushmaster Vs. Rock River Arms

    Check with Rock Rivers build time. I odered mind in May, and it arrived on Friday. I still love the guns....
  2. grp318

    Ammo wanted for $200 a case.

    I bought about 10,000rnds of ammo today in many diffrent flavors (357sig,.40,9mm, 45acp) and paid almost 75% more then I did last year. WOW this sport is getting $$$$$.
  3. grp318

    860 yard shooting with a .223

    Great Video...
  4. grp318

    Wylde 223 1:8 Twist

    Thanks, I will try a few flavors and let you know how it goes. Greg
  5. I just bought a Rock River 223 with a Wilson SS Barrell (Wylde 1:8 twist 16in). I was woundering who might have this setup and what ammo they have had luck with. I just read that it possable likes a 80gr or higher bullet. Can anyone please give me advise. Thanks