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  1. Thanks hsracer201 - no offense taken...when you're a newbie like me you're just trying to absorb as much info as possible. Great feedback - I agree, I think I'm ready to get out to the range and do the fine tuning. Thanks again...
  2. Thanks hsracer201 - you jogged my memory a bit and I see your point about needing the reticle to be a bit higher (how much is TBD) than the bore laser dot at close range. The second issue remains - how much adjustment is OK on the scope? For instance, if I change the elevation by 10-12 MOAs is that OK as a zero starting point on the scope given that further adjustments would be needed for distance and wind on the range? I don't want to push the mechanics of the scope passed its tolerance....
  3. Hello all, I'm a newbie to the world of optics but have been reading a fair amount online to choose a decent setup for my RRA 16" flat top. I've just added the following: - a LaRue SPR Scope Mount QD (1" rings) - a Leupold Rifleman scope 3-9x40 (1" tube) I've added the scope to the mount following the fairly simple LaRue instructions (i.e. tighten lower screws first, etc) and it's looking pretty good on top of that rifle. I have a laser bore sighter which I'm using to begin my zeroing (target at 20 yrds). Initially I needed to move the center of the reticle left requiring 4 MOAs clockwise which centered it horizontally. The vertical offset was more significant with the center of the reticle several inches above the laser dot centered on the target. Here's the question - how much MOA movement is acceptable with the elevation adjustment (or windage for that matter)? I't looks like about 11-12 MOAs clockwise is doing the trick but is this excessive? If so, what type of adjustment would I apply to the mount? I appreciate all/any help on this. Thanks...
  4. Thanks guys - took me a while to get back online and check the posts. I appreciate the responses and information...looks like the hardest task will be budgeting for quality optics. I can't wait to get that scope on and see how things go at the range. I see IOR mentioned a few times so I'll be sure to check the options there. Thanks again for taking the time to respond...
  5. Hello all, I own a Rock River 16", flat top with standard handguard. I initially put iron sights on the flat top and have since zeroed them in. I quickly found that setting a 5-7" target out past 75 yards makes it difficult for me as far as aiming (even at a bench). I don't exactly have eagle eyes and would like to add a scope into the mix. I'm looking near term to shoot targets out to 200, maybe 300 yards. I apologize in advance if I butcher terms and concepts but here goes. The tactical optics seem to be very effective up to 100 yrds but the lack of magnification is an issue (I think). I see that you can combine things such as a holographic sights with a separate magnification mount - I'm going to simplify here and just focus on a scope. I understand that there are a large number of options out there so let me ask a few basic questions. First, I see that I can replace my current iron sight/handle with a flip up rear sight opening up the flat top for a mount/base/rings and scope. If I add a scope it clearly blocks the rear iron sights (I assume they become my BUIS) but what are the issues with the front sights? That is, do I need a certain height with the mount/rings to ensure the front sight is not seen using the scope? Should the front sight post be part of that sight picture? What would you recommend as far as the magnification power of the scope given the distance I'll be shooting? All input is greatly appreciated.
  6. I have a new RRA mid length 16" which I've now taken to the range twice. I'll say right off that while I've shot pistols, this is my first time shooting a rifle. My first range trip I had to fire my shots from 100 yrds (I thought that the range allowed 50 & 100). Just about all of my shots were approx 12-14" right of center. Thinking that there maybe some issues on my trigger pull I went to a different range today with the target out at 50 yrds. Once again, my shots were generally right of target - this time by between 3-5". I later adjusted the windage setting 4 or 5 clicks left to compensate but still found my shots off to the right. The question is how to isolate what's causing the issue. I have a reasonable understanding of trigger pull from shooting pistols so I'm feeling fairly sure that it's something in the sight system. - in other words I'm not slapping or jerking the trigger. Also, I've seen message threads that show iron sights where the rear sight assembly is crooked - that's not the case here...it looks straight enough. Is this something that warrants sending the rifle back to Rock River for an adjustment? Is there something that I can modify? All ideas welcome...thanks.
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