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    I love to hunt and fish.Duck and Deer hunting are the favored,and I try to shoot as as as possible.I collect duck decoys and some old ammo boxes.

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  1. anyone need a 1006 mag? PM me....give me a few days to respond,have a lot going on
  2. My buddy Steve bought the 226 Legion from Guns Inc..I bought his 220 and 226 west German Sigs that only had about 10 rounds through each
  3. When Duck Commander started filming their hunts Phil hunted with Browning A5 16 guage
  4. "you'll shoot your eye out kid"
  5. How much for the A5? I want one also, along with the Remington Versamax.
  6. Try a pair of Redfield 10X50's very clear and not too expensive
  7. Looking for S&W M&P .40 10 round mags that anyone would like to sell--Thanks
  8. Go to The Duck Hunters Refuge websight and type in Winchester SX2,lot of good info about duck hunting there.
  9. How much did the 9mm ammo go for CB?
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