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  1. Onkyo makes good amplifier for the money.
  2. Nice! Tell me about the microphones and metering equipment. It has been many years since I was in tune with the specialized equipment required to accurately measure the true dB reading from a gunshot. Iirc, you needed a B&K something or other...
  3. Dan is as honest as the day is long. Great guy!
  4. The quarterback of my high school football team, and a good friend of mine is running for federal office and needs you votes! Please vote for my friend, Dan Sullivan
  5. Great movie! Take the first 20 minutes of Saving Private Ryan, multiply it by a factor of 10 and make it last 2 hours... Intense.
  6. CZ-75

    9mm upper

    I agree with Neil.
  7. As long as you keep your non-SBR'd lowers in legal configuration, you can have as many short uppers as you want for your registered SBR lowers.
  8. I wanted the same thing, but .22. My experience will work with 9mm also. Just do a registered SBR with say a 5 inch threaded barrel. Use a really good .30 cal suppressor under a free float tube. Same look, and you can use the can on just about any 9mm/.30 caliber host as well.
  9. I fell asleep on the toilet at work just a few months ago... I had major shoulder surgery in March, and while recovering, could only sleep for an hour or so at a time. I could only sleep sitting pretty much straight up in a chair or on the couch. I would start to try to sleep around 9:00PM... Would sleep for an hour then be awake for an hour or 3... then sleep for an hour then awake for an hour or 3... That went on for about 6 weeks. I was so sleep deprived, and had to go back to work regardless. One day, I was too tired to stand, so I sat down to pee. The next thing I knew, I awoke as i almost fell off the toilet... I have no idea if I was asleep for 1 second or 1 hour...
  10. CZ-75

    heart attack

    I had my heart attack early Sunday morning, the day after our work Christmas Party. I had had several Scotch on the rocks. In the ER the next morning, my blood was filled with tri-glycerides that was related to the alcohol. It made my blood really think and was giving me angina due to a 90% blockage in my LAD artery. So... in a way... alcohol was my early warning device. Which is why I still enjoy it today - Cheers!
  11. I can hear the conversation now: Prison Guard - "You know, Casto... Bubba's going to have a field day with you. The general population in this prison really likes to give it to people like you." C asto - "Maybe I should just get it over with" Prison Guard - "What? Oh, you're cold? you want another bed sheet? Here you go. Oh, and I'll be back to check on you in a half an hour, OK?"
  12. I suggest a really good .22 can for your first one...
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