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  1. captainbarred

    Corrections officers in custody

    been telling friends and family this for months now. Dems know they can't win against trump's second run with their stock. Their only hope is to impeach him and have it confirmed, because they know Pence can't win. If they impeach, and confirm, Dems will win, if they fail, Trump will win. Either way, there is about a 50/50 chance of riots and MAJOR civil unrest.
  2. captainbarred

    Corrections officers in custody

    It was a coin flip if this should have gone in the political forum.... mods, please move if it should be there....
  3. captainbarred

    Pre-Assembly Fantasy

    That thing is screwy looking.... I love it!
  4. captainbarred

    WTS - PWS DIablo upper

  5. captainbarred

    WTS - PWS DIablo upper

    Bump with price drop - $575 shipped. Need to move this!
  6. captainbarred

    Pants poll!!!

    Despite wearing them for the past 5-10 years, I have always had a similar problem with them, but sortof opposite. My waist size (allowing for IWB carry) always leaves a ton of slack in the ass, then tight in the groin...(hard to zipper). I just ordered some wranglers, thinking about going back to jeans. I can get away with them at work if needed. but still want a big pocket for pocket carry for my p938. I might grab a pair of those Duluths. I actually have a pair of the VertX pants as well that were given to me but are a size too small. if I lose another waist size I'll be trying them out.
  7. captainbarred

    Pants poll!!!

    OK, whats everyone wearing these days? I just ruined my 3rd pair of 5.11s this week. I torn zipper, I ripped crotch, and I hole worn in the rear pocket from a knife clip.... I want more druable pants that still have large side pockets for pocket holster carry.... So I repeat, whats everyone wearing these days???
  8. captainbarred

    SPF- Adams Arms piston conversion kit

    Gotcha, yeah Its .750 so far as I recall.
  9. captainbarred

    SPF- Adams Arms piston conversion kit

    Im not sure exactly what you mean. I'ts made to fit the rod under the Samson Evo series rails. if that helps, or the gas block (as it has the pic rail on top) will sit flush with the extended evo rails. Here you can see the gas block installed into the evo extended rail : AA does have a list of confirmed compatible rails : https://www.adamsarms.net/info-media/faq#qa1
  10. captainbarred

    SPF- Adams Arms piston conversion kit

    Yessir. Though I can't recall if it has 2 or 3 settings. I *think* its 3 settings with full gas, mid gas, and no gas(off) but I'd have to check... I think I also have the standard handguards that have the larger cutoff for the piston rod, but I'll have to go digging to find them.
  11. captainbarred

    Useless women-lit the wood stove

    You talking Dylan or Young? I admit both have good music, but my old man LOVES everything Dylan so I grew up listening to his whole range and - to be fair, maybe never gave it a real chance - but I just can't stand dylan... Young, I've heard a range of, wasn't overly impressed with much of what I have heard, but its been a while. As of late I've been listening to more instrumental. With Christmas coming, I'll say I generally hate Christmas songs, but the song Mary Did you know.... Man... drop the lyrics and just listen to the instrumental... so many hidden notes. so complex. such an underrated composition!
  12. captainbarred

    Useless women-lit the wood stove

    The bolded part, my friend, we can agree on. unfortunately the lyrics are like a rambling line of thought that he spat out and called done without any editing... I was never a fan of his or even bob dylan. but at least dylan's lyrics, mostly in any case, are well thought out. Hendrix died way too young. he was my favorite from the era....
  13. captainbarred

    Useless women-lit the wood stove

    Funny thing is I just heard that song recently and it made me wonder.... why he is so popular.... seriously... Anywho, yeah, last big relationship I was in, went from me shopping wedding rings to her completely out of my life in less than 2 months..... Still no fracking clue why....
  14. captainbarred

    optics recommendation

    Ive had Mueller before, not a huge fan but it should hold zero. Also, are you sure its the scope not holding zero? Are your rounds all over the place or are they grouping not where you want them? As stated above the PEPR mount is nice and solid.