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  1. captainbarred

    SOLD - Suomi 9mm - tnw hammer fired conversion

  2. Hey guys, Gotta clear out a few pieces in my collection, so I'm going to start listing them one by one here. If they don't sell after a bit, they'll go to GB. Have had this in the safe for quite a few years, saw the other one sell and thought I might put it Its a TNW hammer fired conversion, good shape, maybe 100 rounds through it. few stock dings, tiny bit of rust(see last pic), otherwise about perfect. Unfortunately I only have 1 mag with it here (and its blocked to 10 rounds - though easily unblocked). I do have 2 more mags and a drum down in NC with my brother in storage, so if whoever buys it wants,for an additional $125 I can ship out the drum and 2 mags from NC in about 2 weeks - when i get down there next. Asking $800 shipped OBO (for the rifle and 1 mag - add $125 for the drum and 2 other mags shipped separate), would like to move this quickly.... Sorry but not trades on this one.
  3. captainbarred

    WTS - 300 blk upper - price drop

    Traded - thnks for looking
  4. captainbarred

    WTS - 300 blk upper - price drop

    bumpity - open to trade offers....
  5. captainbarred

    WTS - 300 blk upper - price drop

    Sorry but i don't. I want to say it was some company with the name initials AA but am not sure.... It was a cheaper end barrel.... Maybe $100 mark. sorry about the pics, I click the insert button and paste the link then when I his submit nothing happens.... I have to run, ill try and fix it tonight....
  6. Hey guys, moving some stuff i don't need anymore. Looking to sell a 300 blk upper. I beleive its a 9.5in barrel (1/8 twist - melonited) on a brand new aero upper with a .300 blk dust cover so you don't confuse it. YHM quad rail installed. A2 FS. No BCG/carry handle. Wanna move this ASAP so dropping the price already. Asking $225 $175+ shipping OBO. More pics here: https://imgur.com/a/cf1J8dJ
  7. Long shot I know, but I've been hankering for one. If you've got one and wanna sell, let me know! THanks, -CB
  8. captainbarred

    How is Arizona these days??

    Yeah, my biggest thing is I remember it being almost claustrophobic with the neverending suburbs. Im used to driving a short ways and having forests and fields and open land. Id love being in the desert, but its more like living in suburbia!!
  9. captainbarred

    How is Arizona these days??

    That great of a place to live eh?
  10. captainbarred

    How is Arizona these days??

    I know you have some jackasses trying to pass an AW ban like NY has right now. God willing it gets squashed!!!! But I recently found out about an interesting potential career change/opportunity with some family I have in Pheonix... What do I need to know? Think that gun bill will get shot down? How's North Pheonix? Is there land (10+ acreage) that can be bought around the outskirts? or is it miles and miles of suburbs like surrounds most cities in NY?
  11. captainbarred

    Why not support UBGC?

    Disagree all you want, but I have been watching it happen here for the past 6+ years... .GOV cannot force any business to sell a product/service. The original law as passed in NY, said FFLs needed to do the tranfers for a fixed price. so they said, fine, then we just don't offer that service. - be kind of like an auto shop not offering inspections. No autoshop wound do that because inspections is how they find problems to then make more money. BGCs don't generally generate more money. maybe ammo... maybe... but prices of ammo are lower online so if the person is already buying used to save money.... you do the math. So what local shops started doing is having "memberships" You buy a $200 annual membership and they give you a 5% discount on ammo and a access to the $20 transfer fees. Don't want an annual membership, OK, you can buy a week long trial membership for $40 + the fixed rate $20 transfer fee... You get where this is going? Again, disagree all you want... I HAVE BEEN WATCHING IT HAPPEN
  12. captainbarred

    Why not support UBGC?

    Coming from a state where there are UBCs and gun crime remains rampant in the cities... I can tell you I do not support them AT ALL! The government does not want to "restrict" dealers to force the background checks to be done. You can throw that idea right out. Wanna know whats happened since 2013 when Universal Background Checks went through in NY? 1) no gun crime reduction 2) people continue to do straw purchases, either with older guns and claim they were FTF sales before the law went through, or they claim they were stolen, or lost or........ 3) gun shops jack prices of transfers so its hardly worth buying used. Why save $25 bucks getting used vs buying new? so used gun TRADE IN values drop CONSIDERABLY 4) some gun shops refuse to do transfers if they have that gun on the shelf - trying to buy a used glock 19, I have 2 on the shelf, nope, I won't do the tranfer so you'll have to buy mine instead. 5) People start unintentionally breaking the law buy buying guns as presents. (and they get convicted as if they are hardened criminals). 6) remember how I said trade in values drop? New gun values also rise. Don't know why... but good luck in NY state finding any shop selling guns below the MSRP. Most places you see MSRP and then the real, "street" price. Not so in NY anymore.... You can talk about government forcing FFLs to do the transfers and putting caps on prices all you want, but in reality, the chances of that happening are just about nill... so yeah, coming from somewhere with Universal checks.... I vote hell no!
  13. captainbarred

    4 inches of barrel

    Good to know. The barrel I have is something of a medium contour barrel. Its 20in and not threaded. if I get it cut down, I figure I'll thread it in hopes of suppressing in the future. I was looking at just buying a new barrel that is shorter and lighter weight, but whether cutting or replacing, I think it'll cost more than the gain is worth... I'm looking at ER Shaw barrels. Looks like I can do the following $190 - 18in "savage" contour $100 - add threading $50 - add bluing Free - fitting service $40 return shipping So a little under $400 to have them replace my barrel with a shorter, lighter, threaded barrel.... + my initial shipping to them.... hmmm.... I need t price cutting/threading/fluting my existing barrel...
  14. captainbarred

    4 inches of barrel

    I'd be happy with MOM - Minute of Man. I have a friend with an M1A Soccom 16in barrel that does about 2 ft groups at 1K if he does his part. I figured 2 moa at 800 (16in group) is not too much to ask considering its a bolt gun. that I can reliably do .75 moa at 200 yards right now. I think my biggest problem is I want a gun that functions as both a scout rifle and a bench gun... trying to find a happy middle ground... of weight vs accuracy...
  15. captainbarred

    4 inches of barrel

    Thanks Greg. Almost a pound.... I'll have to get pricing...