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  1. captainbarred

    What would you guys do?

    So let me get this straight. You gave him 1/5th the value if they were all real. turns out about 1/5th are fake. so 4/5ths are real. Doesn't that still put you well ahead.... so its like you paid 25% value instead of 20% value? What I'm getting at is verbal agreements, and even most paper(unless witnessed) are worthless.... You already contested the $440, so I'm not sure what else there is to do now. Sit back and hope he doesn't come after you for anything....
  2. captainbarred


    Yeah my first cousin's grandmother lives on Schroon lake. been up there plenty and out on her pontoon boat. also familiar with Brant lake, some wicked nice areas for camping, fishing boating and hunting if you know the right people with the acreage. I grew up in a little town between Albany and Schenectady, so you'd have driven right by me on your way up 87 or 90 to the lakes. Its encouraging to know someone got out
  3. captainbarred

    More companies now offering 450B rifles...

    I'm sorry, I saw the 22 for barrel length and speed read it as .22 LR I didn't even realize the 450 BM was being used in precision rifles. Now I'm going to have to look into the ballistics.....
  4. youll need to mod your 9mm BCG, just FYI
  5. captainbarred

    More companies now offering 450B rifles...

    The one I have is the TRR-SR - its not a scout rifle. 22 in barrel. Link - https://www.savagearms.com/firearms/rimfire/mark-ii/mark-ii-trr-sr Ive only got 10 rounds through mine and thinking of selling it, PM me if your interested I was hoping to use it as a varmint gun and to practice precision without the cost of .308, but wound up moving shortly after I got it now I can't shoot in the back yard, so again... 10 rounds... and all from a kitchen table
  6. captainbarred

    More companies now offering 450B rifles...

    you ever consider a Savage?
  7. captainbarred


    It was 8 when I got up yesterday morning!
  8. captainbarred


    cant wait to get a range report. Got my upper in. Wound up opting for a short barrel. so its gotta go on my AR pistol lower. I am planning to get another pistol lower, but till I do, I realized with the pinned mag, I essentually have to use it as a single shot Been too cold to get out recently anyways....
  9. captainbarred

    Stoner 63 clone - yeah or nay?

    Looking like I can do a shortened AR mag catch with a CA bullet button... another member on here is supposed to send me some specs/pics tonight. The more I read up on them, the more I'm on the fence as they are a pretty far stretch from the originals.... Better in some ways(takes Stanag mags) but worse in some ways (incorrect sights/furniture/designs, etc). If the thing goes over 2K, I could take that money, add another $1500 and get a fightlite beltfed upper and have the beltfed capabilities....
  10. captainbarred

    Stoner 63 clone - yeah or nay?

    OK, we talked and I ultimately backed off the Hakim... So today, I was scrolling GB looking for 1903s, and not impressed with the choices and randomly happened upon a Robinson Arms Stoner 63!!!! Of all the rotten luck.... So I searched and BOOM... there ARE TWO on there right now... This is crazy, I check about once every 6 months and have NEVER seen even one before... So... do I jump... Pros : This is and has been # 2 or 3 on my dream gun list for about the past 5 years. It was a mil issue gun for a short time and my collection is focused around small arms of the U.S. This thing will never go down in price unless someone else starts making them again. I have the actual cash available to purchase it on hand... Cons Does not have the belt fed conversion unit(also won't work with the originals so far as I know). no warranty/support for broken parts Pricey, pricey, pricey I still am stuck in NY, which means my shop will need to do a small modification to pin the magazine. - (This might be the hardest cons its a travesty to mod a great and rare piece like this... I'll be hitting the local shop tomorrow to ask how they might do it...)
  11. captainbarred

    14 Confirmed Dead near Auburn University

    time to ban tornados....
  12. captainbarred

    Talk me into/out of the Hakim....

    I forgot about those..... looks like the evolution of an Enfield Mk 4 into semi auto... I like it...
  13. captainbarred

    Talk me into/out of the Hakim....

    Yeah I can grab an SVT for about $1300 and am wondering if I should jump now before they go up. Last time I considered one seriously they were $900. shat, I have 7 Mosins, I am trying to decide if I should sell a couple. Could probably sell 5 and fund the SVT... But man I love seeing the row of identical rifles on the wall.... The Garand came first, otherwise it would have been the Hakim thumb! The way you load the strippers, if the saftey is not on... buh-bye thumb! Another pro to getting the SVT is I already have a good surplus of 7.62x54 for the Mosins...
  14. Based on a swedish design that I think was sortof an answer to the Garand, the Hakim is an egyptian rifle that was made for about 20 years to the tune of about 70,000 rifles. They currently sell for about half what the original Swedish guns sell for on the surplus market and while they are in the non-american 8mm. Ive been wanting one on and off for a few years (granted I'd take an SVT or K43 any day of the week over the Hakim), but that doesn't mean the Hakim isn't a great gun.... Now, I wasn't really searching for one, but a local shop who I watch their GB listings, has one out there for $700. Considering I can skip the shipping and transfer fee, it saves me a bit of money, I could even take something in to trade... Here is the kicker..... I've recently been cutting back some on my collection. Trying to consolidate my caliber variety. and cutting back to just collecting the small arms of the US forces, and a couple samples of our allies and enemies. The SVT or K43 would fit in my curent collection, the Hakim is kindof a bastiage war child in that regard.... and I could just put that money towards an SVT or K43... Hmm, I just don't know.... I don't see the price going anywhere but up as they only made 70,000 to begin with... but then, it is a copy of the swedish gun, so those are far more in demand than the Hakim....
  15. captainbarred

    "Reality" shows

    its called manufactured drama. lengthens the show and gets viewer interest/buy in.