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  1. captainbarred

    Century wasr 10 quality?

    yeah, I love the 938, but am not huge on external safteys or hammers on CCW for the pocket. question is if the XL is small enough to pocket carry like the 938. Sig JUST today I think announced the 365 SAS with a ported barrel and a really innovative sight system that is super short (really just for point shooting) but intriguing... Porbly has the same firing pin drag as the original 365 though, so I'll likely stay away till i see reviews. If the XL is pocketable in my 5,11s, I may have to swap the 938 for one...
  2. captainbarred

    Century wasr 10 quality?

    One of those may be in my future but I just got to about 1500 rounds COMPLETELY trouble free with my 938, so I'm gunna start carrying it, just waiting on my veeder holster to be delivered. Only thing to watch on the 938 is the saftey bar doesn't get gunked up, so keep her clean, even under the grips....
  3. captainbarred

    Century wasr 10 quality?

    yeah the city case has no effect on me. I have an unrestricted permit so I can carry anywhere (save for schools/bars/fed buildings/etc. The NYC case, if they win, isn't even going to make it easier to get a gun there, its just gunna make it so if you do get a permit, you can take it somewhere aside from the gun store, your apt, or the range. right now, shop or range is the only reason you can take it out of your house... And yes..... I still desperately want to move...
  4. captainbarred

    Century wasr 10 quality?

    Very nice! I checked it out. was pretty rough. just poor looking overall and had a cheap walmart spraypaint job on everything, even the bolt.... I skipped it.... Did pick up an 1899 Army Navy revolver. First swing out cylinder revolver in use by the military. aaaaaaaaand I ordered a Sig M17.... should be in in a few days, then a bit longer to get them added to my permit. Still a few military "General Issue" handguns to pick up, but my collection is getting closer.....
  5. captainbarred

    Got a Good Deal at the Local Gun Store

    Nice score, hoping to go to the shop today... shopping for a friend's wedding. whats the rule, something old, something new, and something blued? LOL
  6. captainbarred

    Century wasr 10 quality?

    Thanks forsaken, it sounds like they AK is harder to FUBAR than the Cetme's that Century does. I don't really need another AK, but its at a price point I'm not sure I'll see again... Hmmmm, I'll take a look...
  7. captainbarred

    Century wasr 10 quality?

    Anyone familiar with the century wasr 10s? Local shop has 9ne for about $550 but cant recall if they are decent or if the century built ones suck. Worth buying or not?
  8. captainbarred

    for sale: safe

    sorry, just cleared my inbox, but I'll look for it on FB as well. Eastern Ct isnt' too bad for a day trip for me, so it'd depend on the type/size of the safe.
  9. captainbarred

    for sale: safe

    Got pics?
  10. captainbarred

    A question on LOOOOOOOOOONG term optics...

    naw it won't kill the world, it will just turn things into the movie waterworld as the ice caps melt
  11. captainbarred

    A question on LOOOOOOOOOONG term optics...

    Id like to switch to all Comp M4s with the AA batteries. They draw less than the battery discharges just sitting there which is why they last so long. Get some of the ultimate lithium 20 yr batteries and man, your in good shape... and still cheap enough to replace every year. Id look at the 512 and vortex razor but both draw so much faster being holo sights....
  12. Morning all, I've been re-evaluating all my optics and trying to reduce everything to as few battery types as possible and it got me thinking... I do a lot of shooting with red dots, but what would you do, in the case of a societal collapse? Some people say buy Acogs, but what if you have one at year 9 and the collapse occurs? tritium dies by year 10 or 11 and boom, your optics useless at night... Some people say stick with AA battery optics. Then get 100s of recharables, keep them at 40% charge, and have solar charging capabilities. Other people say go with 1-4 tubes with etched reticles. useless at night, but not horrible with 1x and no light for CQB... Still others say to go with OEG, but you still need to tritium for night or its worthless at night.... so finally, some people say to stick with irons. What are you guys thoughts? Some of the sights run on both tritium and fiber optic, so even if the tritium dies, during day you get fiber optic to light the reticle. does fiber optics fade over time? I know, I know... this is deep prepper type stuff.... its more a mental exercise, but also a real aggravation as I always seem to have at least one dead battery at the range on an optic, meanwhile my electric earmuffs and rangefinder run on and on and on with no signs of dying....
  13. captainbarred

    Need some serious input

    So on accuracy. the reviews from both the original and new units show that both are minute of man at 100 yards. The original around maybe 4 moa and the new one, if running the right ammo, possibly down to under 1 moa. pretty big difference. But running 70 or 75 grain stuff to attain that accuracy.... gets pricey. the 11 in would get slightly better with lower grains, but the rounds would still be leaving the barrel too slow, to tumble/fragment, so I still need HP rounds to be effective on any decent size breathing target... so I need quality ammo(aside from training) in any case... I love the compactness and have a LAW side folder on the pistol to keep it even shorter... Ah decisions.... I appreciate the input fellas!!!!
  14. captainbarred

    The Armory is in mourning.

    Anyone get further word on his brother?
  15. captainbarred

    Need some serious input

    Well the pros I figure are : 1) can change barrel without sending in to PWS 2) could change upper receiver without sending to PWS 3) lighter weight (no quad rails) 4) per reviews, better accuracy 5) total modularity with keymod accessories 6) ability to update rails (pricey tho) to m-lock if desired. cons 1) Upper I have is perfectly functional, just hefty and not configured exactly as I want... 2) price