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  1. captainbarred

    Thinking about a serious change.... Air Force

    yeah, I got it after being bounced around on 3 different BP meds that all F-ed with my system. never took any meds for the arrythmia, saw a heart specialist for it. They didn't say much aside from its more an abnormal beat every so often and might clear up with weight loss.
  2. captainbarred

    Thinking about a serious change.... Air Force

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm hitting the gym aggressively and working on getting back into decent shape. I have a clean background and nearly 15 years in the IT field. So long as I don't get kicked on medical grounds (arrythmia and a rough knee) I don't think I'd have a hard time getting in...
  3. captainbarred

    Thinking about a serious change.... Air Force

    Ive seen the age limits, but am seeing notes that officer candidate school might be limited to 25 max. I guess I'll have to call a recruiter to find out...
  4. Any of you guys in the air force? Know the reqs for getting in? Im no spring chicken, but I know AF is now recruiting up to 39. I have a BA degree in IT/IS and would likely prefer to go into that field with the AF. I thought with a degree in your MOS/job you went in as an officer but I heard someone say officer candidate school caps out at 25...so I'm not sure if I could get in as an officer or just a grunt... and if my degree doesn't matter, why not learn a new skill.... Yeah... so... like I said, anyone know the requirements/options/cutoffs? I'd really prefer not to call a recruiter just yet(they never stop bugging you once they get your number....)
  5. captainbarred

    impulse buy of the year.... Mini Freakin Mosin!!!

    Garand and M14 were already done by another company. and way overpriced. Keystone is building all of these on their existing single shot .22 bolt action, so the Garand being Semi doesn't fit the bill...
  6. captainbarred

    impulse buy of the year.... Mini Freakin Mosin!!!

    A few additional notes. 1) its a single shot .22 Built on their cricket action. So no, sadly the 5 round mag does not work. Just for looks. 2) this is the first of a planned 5 rifles from WWI and WWII. I'm guessing 1903, K98, then what? Enfield? Arisaka?? And yes... I'll be buying the whole set....
  7. https://www.keystonesportingarmsllc.com/product/mini-mosin-special-edition/ Just revealed at the NRA show. I already called up and pre-ordered one. $399 msrp at local shop or if you call up soon enough, the first 500 are $100 more, come with a crate and you can pick your SN from 1-500. THe other sales guy had the SN registration book when I ordered so they are supposed to call me back today so I can pick my number. Im leaning towards 284 (as in the 284 rifle division - a certain famous sniper from russia was in) or 225 as in the number of said snipers kills. I have a few backups as well... Just waned to share if anyone else was interested in the case, I think they are going and fast!!! https://www.keystonesportingarmsllc.com/product/mini-mosin-special-edition/
  8. captainbarred

    The Armory is in mourning.

    Wait, WTF??? His brother just died as well! https://www.wptv.com/news/local-news/martin-county/vermont-mans-death-may-not-be-related-to-hepatitis-a-health-officials-say His surviving family are going to be reeling! They don't think its Hep A for the brother, but he has just come back up from FL.
  9. captainbarred

    Interstate long gun purchase

    Ive bought shotguns from a big shop in Maine. they just check to be sure its legal in your home state.
  10. captainbarred

    The Armory is in mourning.

    How did I just see this post? Holy crap! I don't even know what to say. G has been on here forever. I can't even go through the parts Ive bought off him and sold to him over the years. F*CK! You will be missed Jeff!!
  11. captainbarred


    Thanks for the info Greg, I was not aware that things had changed for the 7.62x39 and other modded bolts. so I take it back, no cons for the DI .45
  12. captainbarred

    Apex enhanced trigger for Sig P320

    I want one of those, but need to send in my sig for the drop fix first lol yeah im lazy...
  13. captainbarred


    So DI has a big pro and a big possible con. The pro, is it uses a standard bolt carrier - meaning no changed/adjusted buffer setup. The possible con is like with 7.62x39 conversions, the bolt face walls are thin.... so might need to eventually replace the bolt like on 7.62x39 builds...
  14. captainbarred


    Quick update - cause I'm busy as hell today... Hit the range yesterday. FRIGGING LOVE the DI .45!!!! Thing shoots smooth as butter! Lighter recoil than the blowback 9mm guns I shoot! The only complaint would be mags as there are not a lot of hgh capacity options for cheap. However I'm stuck in NY still, so for the time being, the 10 round USC mags work great for me.... Side note, I brought one lower I had setup with a new trigger, and ran it with a 9mm upper and my Stern Defense Sig P320 mag adaptor. ran like a charm... and the trigger... holy crap... I thought the gun ran away from me for a moment! Seriously, light trigger, tiny reset, you can bump that beotch from the shoulder like nobodies business!!!!
  15. captainbarred

    Where are we on Bump stocks?

    Preach it!!!!! I picked one up to play with yeas back, best thing was running an AR conversion chassis on a 10/22. I caved and smashed, the day before it went into effect. Only to find out that members of the FPC (of which I am a member) were exempt while it was in court... Damnit...