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  1. captainbarred

    Saiga 12

    Was sick the following day I'll be heading up there this week I think. I doubt it'll still be there, but if it is.... It is a "no guarantee" type thing for moist shops, especially on used guns. I ran a Remy 1100 for a while, and found it to be disappointing as it started to jam after about 50 to 60 rounds. I dunno if it was just that gun or what, but I was not impressed. Been running pumps, but would love another semi shotty.
  2. captainbarred

    WTS X01 chassis & brace for P320

    Willing to trade for a AA battery Eotech.
  3. captainbarred

    WTS X01 chassis & brace for P320

    Price drop, asking $400 shipped OBO. I wanna move this thing. Thanx!
  4. captainbarred

    Happy Independence Day Armory!

    Today we celebrate our Independence day! But don't be complicit, remember, we have to fight to keep our independence every day! Disclaimer, I am not associated with the company that made this, video, but I think about it every Independence Day and it could not be MORE APPLICABLE than this year....
  5. captainbarred

    Saiga 12

    I've not seen one at a shop in a loooong time... Local shop had a used one on the wall. 7 bills. Have to go back there next week with the old man to pick up a handgun... im thinking if its still there in a week I can't leave it.... Why am I posting this.... same reason to post anything online.... validation of my disease! LOL Seriously though.... probably. A moot point as it'll be gone by next week pretty much guarantees... should I buy it? Yes or no?
  6. Hey all, Picked this up a while back, took it to the range once, put 10 rounds through it before the skies opened and I couldn't even see the targets. Thats it. Has all paperwork, parts, etc. I think its a gen 1 if that matters. (Gen 2 came with a couple accessories I think...) Just not my thing. Set goes for about $550 from optics planet. Asking $450 shipped OBO. Might be open to some trades... not sure what though. If someone has the right 1903 (not A3) or Springfield 1861 reproduction - might make a deal.... or an MG34 .22 chassis (I know I'm reaching here....) More pics here : https://imgur.com/a/hsBqD2x PM or email : captainbarred@gmail.com
  7. I love everything about this.... I just wish people would learn from it. 1) they are running out of food and pleading for help. 2) they have walls blocking boarders... think about it a minute... 3) they have ARMED guards at the boarders.. think a bit more... 4) they decided to make their own currency only to figure out its worthless as its not backed or guaranteed by anything/one so nobody trusts it.... so to sum up after about 3 days, their perfect communist/socialist system is failing as they are out of food and the peaceful anti-border/anti-gun liberals are using border-walls and guns to secure their little failing experiment while their fake monopoly money is worth less than confederate money at the end of the civil war where it was cheaper to burn the money than buy firewood with it.... ETA - and I forgot to add two things. 1) the "you don't need ID to vote" libs are also demanding ID to get into their community... 2) There has already been an instance of an "Armed" guard punching another dude in the face, breaking his glasses, and telling him that he has to do whatever he said. .... ya know... cause cops are violent and abusive of power.... but community organized groups obviously are not... You just can't make this shat up!!!
  8. captainbarred

    Let It Go.....Let It Happen......

    I agree. Let them learn the hard way. Sucks for the good or mislead people caught in the crossfire though....
  9. captainbarred

    Hey captainbarred

    Thanks fellas! I may not post as much these days as they have this place blocked at work (thanks to me lol) but I still lurk with my phone. Thanks again for the well wishes, got to the range and did some blasting with my Sig P229 and fell back in love with it.
  10. captainbarred

    6mm ARC

    just throwing my .02 cents in the pile. The point of the ARC is that it runs in a standard AR - most of the other calibers listed here go in the AR10 platform or are bolt gun only (6.5 and 6.8 being the exceptions). Bush, I agree 100% its about purpose. If your just looking to put holes in paper at long ranges to pursue the greatest precision possible in a standard AR platform, ARC might be a good option (would need to compare overall accuracy, ballistic efficiency, etc vs 6.5 and 6.8). Or you could be looking for long range game hunting. At that point you need to consider accuracy and how much punch the round retains when it gets all the way down range. I agree with you too Derk, if the shooter does their part, all those rounds will easily make it to 1K. Sure you can jump to larger rounds, but again, I was talking AR platform (15 vs 10 in particular). So really, the question is how does the ARC compare to 6.5 or 6.8 as those are the AR15 capable round. (I don't think 458 soccom or 50 beowulf are considered LR rounds. too heavy with too little powder I thought). Any other caliber is changing the discussion to AR10 or even a dedicated bolt gun....
  11. captainbarred

    6mm ARC

    Thanks for the rundown GL. I ran a precision AR a while back and watched the wind just grab and throw the rounds around at about 800 yards. full size silhouette, pinging targets at 725 all day long, 800, suddenly they are dancing all around. After that I bought a dedicated bolt gun in .308 (most reliably easy to find round in a shortage) I liked the idea due of the ARC for the same reason I like the concept of 300 Blk. Same upper, same lower, same bolt, same mags(I think) just a barrel swap and your in business and already have all the spare parts. But like 300 Blk, it sounds like it has the same issue of having severe limitations as opposed to going to a bigger round that's good all around.... I swear, some days I think about selling my .308 bolt action and just getting a 300 win mag or 338 lap
  12. captainbarred

    When you get it...

  13. captainbarred

    6mm ARC

    Not sure if this is the right spot to post this or not, but I was curious if any of our resident LR shooters have been following/reading up on 6mm ARC. Just got an email about it from Brownells. Looks interesting. Fat but short casing. standard AR platform and I think Magazines, supposedly 1K capable... Anyone familiar with it? -CB
  14. captainbarred

    SOLD - Suomi 9mm - tnw hammer fired conversion

  15. Hey guys, Gotta clear out a few pieces in my collection, so I'm going to start listing them one by one here. If they don't sell after a bit, they'll go to GB. Have had this in the safe for quite a few years, saw the other one sell and thought I might put it Its a TNW hammer fired conversion, good shape, maybe 100 rounds through it. few stock dings, tiny bit of rust(see last pic), otherwise about perfect. Unfortunately I only have 1 mag with it here (and its blocked to 10 rounds - though easily unblocked). I do have 2 more mags and a drum down in NC with my brother in storage, so if whoever buys it wants,for an additional $125 I can ship out the drum and 2 mags from NC in about 2 weeks - when i get down there next. Asking $800 shipped OBO (for the rifle and 1 mag - add $125 for the drum and 2 other mags shipped separate), would like to move this quickly.... Sorry but not trades on this one.