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  1. Ah, for the bullets yeah, flat rate USPS boxes... but I have 2() 1 gallon bags of brass - mostly spent but about 100 cases are new mfr and pre-primed. End result is too much for a USPS flat rate box, and then the primed casings are in that grey area between whether they still need hazmat fees or are considered "loaded" and not supposed to be shipped USPS.....and UPS is more than USPS.... Its all headache inducing..... Right now I'm seeing prices are around $20 per hundred for decent quality brands from midway... not that anything is in stock...
  2. I havea co-worker who is reloading and saying he wants them, which is why I am trying to price it out. If he backs out I'll let you know but shipping would be a bit pricey lol
  3. Hey fellas, Cleaning out some stuff and happened upon my .45 LC reloading stuff. Was wondering if you guys might be able to give me a rough idea of value. 2 boxes of this old Hornady stuff - first is HP, second is flat nose. flat nose rounds 3 boxes speer 2 boxes Midway I forget this brand.. I'll have to pull it back out... And some newer Hornady Some of the boxes are sealed, some are open and incomplete. Honestly have no idea on value, any ideas?
  4. OK, just pulled up the stock from my order history at midway. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1006762226?pid=761001
  5. Hmmm.... I may have posted the wrong link.... Mine has the factory drop mag.... hold on...
  6. I have a choate tactical - https://www.midwayusa.com/product/2171128686 Also have the original accustock around somewhere I think.... Let me know if your interested.
  7. mostly shooting from a bench. One of those home-made range specials that have a bench on each side and narrow area in the middle for the rifle... I'll try and shift the gun a little more or start shooting from prone instead of the bench. Thanks for the tips!!!!
  8. Fair questions mike. I actually don't know the answer either. On 22s I've seen the inserts/sleeves get shot out and its one shot to the next accuracy is done..... In any case, I came here to update. I took the rifle home and cleaned it up good. Lots of scrubbing. Removed and tightened all the screws on the scope, rings, and base. Got my match grade ammo back and took it back to the range. Holy crap.... Average group size at 100 yards: 0.7 moa. best group : 0.4 moa That PPU ammo must just not like my gun, or I had a loose screw or something... Definately not changing the barrel, but I may find somewhere I can ship it out to get the barrel threaded so I can get a break on it to eat up some if that jump to the right when fired.
  9. That is an option.... I do have the original stock...
  10. They look nice but dang if they aren't pricey... I spec-ed them out to about $600. I think I can do the Shaw I am looking at for around $400 with them re-barreling my action for me.. Also, doesn't look like Cal-X does rebarreling services and I'd rather have someone do the work than buy the wrench and guages... Yeah I think i'm asking for too much. I was looking for something both LR capable (1K max) and on par weight wise with a scout rifle.... Not sure such a thing really exists....
  11. Yes I'm still kicking around I don't get here nearly as often as I should, I know... but I have a question for the LR/precision shooters here. Ive never been completely happy with my Savage 10 Precision Carbine - so i keep chaning things about it and I'm at a point where I am trying to decide between changing it more or trading it in.... So from the factory it came with a 20in unthreaded heavy contour barrel. Ive since replaced the stock with an MDT chassis (freakin awesome!) but the weight is still a monster. Last time I hit the range I was having strange flyers at short ranges. I was using cheaper ammo (Privi) but have never seen such crazy innaccuarcy before. Wondering if the barrel is shot out... I think Im around 2K but thats still pretty low.... I gave it a good cleaning and am going to be going back with fed 168 bthp that I know it likes, but I was thinking today... is it worth rebarreling. I could go with a lightweight contour, fluted, 22 or 24in barrel to eak a little more power/accuracy - get it threaded as well... I dunno if the slightly longer barrel but lighter contour would save me any weight or not... Maybe change out to a lighter scope... And then I was thinking if I'm re-barreling should I change out to 6.5..... I won't be doing anything till I get it out to test again and figure if the barrel is shot out or not.... who knows, maybe the scope is defective.... But I was curious on how much weight I could save while improving the accuracy.... Maybe fluting the bolt as well... Any thoughts/input/suggestions?
  12. NY passed a law blocking recall voting. But the city controlls the whole state and the city would vote for a fresh turd in a paper bag if it ran o the democrat line.... thts assuming there is no voter fraud which I doubt....
  13. Oh man, just found a few links I had saved for Toms I had been thinking about checking out... Yeah, I love a good Hawk! lol Going through the budget ones, the M48 - https://www.amazon.com/United-Cutlery-UC2836-Ranger-Compass/dp/B0061G5BRY/?tag=wild-tacttomah-20 and the Estwing - https://www.amazon.com/Estwing-Tomahawk-Axe-Lightweight-Construction/dp/B00AYLJE8E/ref=sr_1_2?crid=2WNY3ESC9K6WQ&dchild=1&keywords=estwing+tomahawk&qid=1596557524&s=hi&sprefix=estwing+%2Ctools%2C230&sr=1-2 both were on my short list for replacing the Sogs and kershaw that I have, but I never wore out any of them to justify trying a new one. I like the M48 looks, but the Estwing looks and should feel like a hammer, so very familiar and comfortable.... and a full tang. I'll stop spamming you, but just one last thing I do recommend watching a few vids on survival knives on youtube. While I love the Toms, a good full size knife like an Onion Rat 7 can be used as effectively if not more effectively than most of the cheaper axes for log splitting, carving, gutting, etc....The Esee/rat series go everywhere with me.
  14. It does not. At least not the ones I have. There is another SOG tomohawk that I think does. its the survival hawk. supposed to be more robust, but I think around $70 or so.
  15. I wish I was joking.... Reason number 4444.235532c to get the ever-loving F*CK out of NY.... CB story time. A bunch of retired LEO and military groups in NY decided to run a Back the Blue rally in Albany NY. What followed was a comedy of errors that show just how screwed up NY is from the ground on up to the highest office in the state.... First, they tried to shutdown the rally citing Covid. That didn't work as they are still letting BLM and Antifa run free in the streets.... Then the Rally started to grow. Ted Nugent and a senator from out of state planned to come to the rally. It was gaining traction.... Then, Gov Cuomo ordered the NYS Troopers Executive protection detail to NOT provide security for the VIPs coming in. He even threatened that if they provided protective detail services while off the clock, they could be fired for sub contracting!!! This raised the ire of the unions. Nonetheless, the Gov appoints the NYS Troopers superintendant and can replace him at will, so he has o comply or lose his job. So a bunch of retired guys step up and say no problem, we can provide security! All good, all set right? Wrong! Cuomo then puts out the word that if Nugent or the senator show up at the airport, they will be told to turn around and leave or be taken into FORCED MANDATORY 14 DAY QUARANTINE - I believe this is called KIDNAPPING. End result, there were no big celebrities to give the rally national attention as was desired. Cuomo got his way and like Hitler using the brown shirts in his day, shut down people from coming to speak in what is supposedly a state of this nation with "freedom of assembly" and "freedom of speech". If Binden loses this election, mark my words, Cuomo WILL RUN next time and he WILL win and the whole country will see the shat NY has been put through.... But the story isn't over yet.... My father went to the rally and some Antifa thugs started some shat. yelling turned to pushing, and pushing turned to pepper spray. My father's friend got a full blast right in the face and he wasn't even involved in the scuffle. The police popped up, just in time to NOT WITNESS anything and my father and his friend quickly pointed out the woman who had blasted the pepper spray at them... BUT..... The police took my father and his friend aside and said, "are you sure you want to press charges..?" Turns out, when Cuomo's pet project of "Bail reform" went through everyone was clamoring about it pushing a "cashless bail" system - basically if you get arrested for something minor, you don't need to pay bail, you get processed and just walk without bail and need to return for your court date... no holding.... But a little tidbit that nobody seemed to notice was that it also now requires that the ACCUSOR's information is provided in full to the person arrested. ie - if my dad's friend pressed charges. This woman would be back on the street in a few hours, and have his full name, address, and phone number! WHAT! THE! F#CK! So let me paint you a picture. A girl is in a bar with her friends. A guy hits on her. She rejects him. He tries again. Still rejected. He's drunk and angry and slaps her. She presses charges. Assault. He gets arrested. 2 hrs later, he is back on the street without paying a cent for bail. And now, he has her HOME ADDRESS - not just the knowledge of a bar she might frequent.... Yeah... that seems smart.... And just remember, NY is the leftist wet-dream that will be coming to a neighborhood near you if the Dems gain majority of the house, senate, and presidency.... TLDR : If you press charges against someone in NY, they get your full name and address, making it easy to retaliate....
  16. gotcha. Sog - its solid, I have beaten the crap out of mine. I have 2 - actually 3. my first one I broke the shaft, contacted them, and found they had replaced the wood shaft with a polymer. they sent me a brand new one no charge. I keep one in my truck always. I have a kershaw one I like that would fit that price range, but its discontinued. That being said, Id like to check out both the walther and Crkt ones. Crkt is around $100, Walther, about $60, but I don't have any experience with them. What I really want to get is the skallywag tactical boarding axe. but it retails around $400 and goes on sale for a little under $300 from time to time... still can't bring myself to drop the cheddar.... but for day to day for $50, I think its hard to beat the SOG.
  17. What do you consider the "lower end of the price scale"
  18. Got it. But training is a good idea. Sucks there is very few training places around me... I do love mossberg.... Ive run 500s for years for HD. I just stayed away from the gas guns due to person experiences of seeing them start to jam after 60-80 rounds until cleaned again. I had not heard of the 940. They are making some bold claims on their "new and improved" gas system.... 1500 rounds without cleaning...interesting... I was planning to go inertia driven... but Stoeger has a spotty reliability report and Benelli is more than I wanna spend... I have the Ruger PC Carbine. Love it. Shoots like a friggin laser with the irons. 1 hole at 25 yards. sub moa at 50, maybe about 2 moa at 100 for me. It, along with a pile of glock mags, is my trunk gun. I also found with a slight mod to a P320 mag, they can run in the ruger mag adaptor, but not with the LRBHO. Got one of those as well. Actually... have 3 9mm uppers... and a .45 DI AR upper.....
  19. OK, so I did some wheeling and dealing and traded in several handguns I don't shoot anymore (mostly due to being oddblall calibers). I have decided to cut down my collection to mostly US military general issue pieces as well. Aside from the sub guns and the unobtainium m1 Johnson, I'm in pretty good shape going all the way back to the revolution. So I wound up with a refinished but nice shooting condition 1903 and $800 in credit.... So I'm trying to figure what holes are in my collection for that $800 credit.... The question is further complicated by the fact I'm in a ban state (currently). So I made a list of pieces I want.... Stoeger M3K or M3000 Palmetto 9mm AK (yes, I want the one that can run the cheap skorpion mags). MP5 clone Henry 1860 (or Uberti clone). Schofield revolver Spencer rifle 1861 springfield percussion cap late 1700s era flintlock (example of typical firearm owned by a civilian and brought to war.) The 9mm AK and MP5 clone are hard as being in abanned state the mags would need to be pinned for the time being and I dunno how hard it would be to load them through the ejection ports. The 1860 Henry, I'd prefer the henry, not the uberti clone, but I also want it to be a shooter.... so I'd feel less bad beating up a $1300 gun vs a $2300 gun... And... this damn state... I'm not confident they are legal due to the fact the tubes hold 14 rounds... The schofield and spencer are both low on my list. Neither really general issue for miitary collection value... and not guns I have wanted for years like the henry... The stoeger I'm not sold on either as I half want to get a Genesis 12 guage upper and a .308 lower... but man thats benelli money.... Also, I'd want a barrel length for both skeet/trap/hunting/defense. So I'm looking at the 24 in barrel, and most people say its not great for all around use. I might be better with a 28, then get a spare and cut it down to 18 for defense if desired... What do you guys think? AK or MP5 and a PITA to load? Stoeger? Or just save my credit till something bettre comes along? I could get that Sig MCX I keep looking at... but again... ban state, would need to pin a mag....stupid friggin state....
  20. Thanks for all the input, lot of good knowledge here. Like I said, new area to me!
  21. Somehow, I didn't eve know this was a thing. I thought all Semi shottys were gas guns and every one I had started jamming after about 60-80 rounds without cleaning. A guy in a local shop mentioned Benellis being Inertia driven and that they "love you long time" without cleaning. Considering I can't see dropping the dough on the $1500+ benelli line - does anyone make a good home defense inertia driven shotty? Or are the only options go pricey or cut down a stoeger 3500? The .mil uses the Mossberg 935 SPX which is a gas gun. I figure it must run more reliable than the remy 1100s that I have seen consistantly fail after 60-80 rounds without cleaning.... Any thoughts/input/suggestions? I'd do a Klashnikov 12 guage at $1000 before going to the benellis - which cost more anyways - but really not sure I wanna spend that much when a pump is really still a very valid option... but still, was not familiar with "inertia driven" shottys, so tell me why i need one in my life :LOL:
  22. Was sick the following day I'll be heading up there this week I think. I doubt it'll still be there, but if it is.... It is a "no guarantee" type thing for moist shops, especially on used guns. I ran a Remy 1100 for a while, and found it to be disappointing as it started to jam after about 50 to 60 rounds. I dunno if it was just that gun or what, but I was not impressed. Been running pumps, but would love another semi shotty.
  23. Today we celebrate our Independence day! But don't be complicit, remember, we have to fight to keep our independence every day! Disclaimer, I am not associated with the company that made this, video, but I think about it every Independence Day and it could not be MORE APPLICABLE than this year....
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