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  1. 44 minutes ago, adamr19745 said:

    It was stress related and i didn't have any heart or brain damage. God definitely looked after me thank u all

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    Great news!

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  2. It makes no difference to me. The fact that this is even a thread means it makes a difference to some people.


    We don't see many threads asking if red hair is wrong. That's because people really don't care.

  3. 7 hours ago, Longhair said:

    You've hit on it pretty well Pepper.....except about the farriers. It's not our job to train horses, but unfortunately we have to all too often, and sometimes that means making them (the horses) understand that it's more pleasant to do it our way than to be jerks. And it's a little different than dealing with people, because with horses you can't let them win or they will be pukes forever, and that's dangerous. I understand that that part is the same with some people, but not all, and most often it's not as life threatening.


    But you are right.....I like black and white. And while I know that it isn't that simple, I don't believe that there needs to be "a million shades of gray". A couple dozen maybe, but not a million, and it's reached the point of being ridiculous already. I believe that part of the problem is that lawmakers (lawyers) have full time jobs making laws, and they do it to justify their existence, even though we would all be better off if they worked at least as hard to scrub the books of bad laws, archaic laws, and unenforceable laws before further complicating life with more laws. We have so many laws that nobody could possibly know them all, and people routinely break laws on a daily basis simply because they aren't aware of all the aspects of their lives that the government ludicrously tries to assume control over.



    Hell, anyone can put a shoe on a horse if they watched someone do it on tv. They don't need to abuse  animal.


    Now, as far as lawyers making laws. let's take your state, Michigan. Did you know in 2017 there were 13 lawyers in the legislature? 13 out of 148. Less than 10%. Were any laws passed? 


    Do you think doctors shouldn't be doing medical research? How about doing away with police academies, because why would we want to hire people with specialized training to do a specialized job? 

  4. I was having my oil changed on Thursday, and my mechanic called me nd told me the cords were showing on the tires, and I should get some.  He said he probably wouldn't drive it without new tires. He could order me some, but I couldn't get in the next day to have him install them.


    So I called around and foiund a deal at Firestone, and drove over the Firestone store. They put on the tires and then at the end, they come out, of course, with the things that need to be done. First they told me I need brakes. Maybe, but my guy can do that for me.


    Then they gave me a printed sheet that says my battery is good, but it is showing signs of age and heat related wear and I should consider replacing it.


    I told them that the battery is exactly ONE WEEK, old. One week. It was brand new. So he just looks at me and says, ok, ignore that part.







  5. 18 minutes ago, bamashooter said:

    I am my own defender of my 2A and God-given rights to own and possess firearms. Perhaps I'll die defending that right, who knows. The only thing the NRA does is prolong any eventualities and live the good life playing their little game. Phony as hell and as with several other lobbies, I see right through their bs. Tomorrow the 2A is perfect. Never happen. People get drunk on power. The NRA is power. Don't need them. I'd just soon this come to a head now. 

    That's funny, because without them you wouldn't be able to thump your chest like this.

  6. 2 hours ago, Longhair said:

    I call shenanigans! It's just another means of "fishing" for crimes, or for favors, coercion, or other payoffs.


    BTW, looking for favors, payoffs or coercion? That doesn't happen. The prosecutors I know would never do that. I don't know any defense lawyers tht would do that.  You've been watching too much TV.  For some reason,, you seem to think everyone involved with the legal system is crooked.

  7. 2 hours ago, Longhair said:

    I call shenanigans! It's just another means of "fishing" for crimes, or for favors, coercion, or other payoffs.

    If you have evidence, then arrest and charge based on that. If evidence of other crimes materialize, then add additional charges. Beyond that, all else should be done in the courtroom in the presence of peers.

    So if someone is charged with murder, and then evidence appears that it was only negligence, the charge should not be reduced?

  8. 20 minutes ago, Longhair said:

    You're deflecting the point by picking nits.

    How many types of manslaughter are there? How many different degrees of murder and types of homicide are there that someone could be charged with? How many exist almost exclusively for the sole purpose of the plea deal?


    IMO, it's way more complicated than it needs to be. Extenuating circumstances can be (should be) considered by arresting officers in the field, jurors, and judges, and need not be bargaining chips for lawyers before the case is ever heard. The whole thing about being arrested and the charges will be determined afterward between prosecuting and defense attorneys in backroom deals is bull, and it illustrates how screwed up the system has become. Do it all in the daylight of the courtroom, so that corruption and shenanigans aren't as able to hide.

    Again, it's not like that. People are not arrested without being charged with ,a crime.

  9. On 3/15/2019 at 9:37 AM, Longhair said:

    Part of the issue of how things historically were handled and the way it's done now, is that over time we've broken down various aspects into too many "degrees of severity". For example, when someone killed somebody it used to pretty much be either murder, self defense, or an accident. Now we have homicide, negligent homicide, justifiable homicide, manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, etc....., each of which carry their own set of sentencing guidelines that have "flexibilities" for sentencing AND plea deals to boot.


    Everything has been so watered down or become such a legal "what if" game that the penalties no longer act as deterrents at all because nobody typically knows what they can or will be charged with, or what the lawyers will bargain it down to, OR what the penalty will ultimately be. The legal eagles have changed the playing field to no longer represent it simply as right or wrong, but rather "can we muddy it up enough and confuse enough jurors to get what we want because nobody can possibly understand and take into account all the emotional complexities that lead up to it". What a load of CRAP!


    You are either guilty of a crime or you're not. You either did it or you didn't. If you're guilty, then you pay the price, and when your debt is paid if you're still sucking air then your rights are restored and life goes on.


    Honor and simplicity no longer exist within our legal system.

    Not true. There has been a distinction between murder and manslaughter for centuries. Mens rea and intent have been part of the law for hundreds of years. You need look no farther than John Adams' defense of the British after the Boston Massacre. 

  10. 28 minutes ago, calebj06 said:


    Hmmm. I kinda agree with this. 


    Can you tell me what used to happen to a man caught molesting a woman or child?? 


    Me thinks I would be perfectly ok with going back to that. My wife and children shure would feel safer at home alone. 

    Not much, truthfully. 

  11. Most lawyers don't expect to win a traffic case. They try to avoid points, and if a person wasn't  jerk, or have a terrible driving record, that is what happens. Any you're right, the client pays a few hundred dollars. Once in a while the leo doesn't show up (especially in Palm Beach County)and the case is dismissed. Then I look like  hero. :laugh:

  12. 3 hours ago, towtruck said:

    It would be nice to get a case law purge, so to speak, and clean up a lot of the language we now employ when trying someone. Get back to basics. 


    My local court plays 'let's make a deal' before every traffic court session. The officers are waiting in a room and the lawyers come in and find out who has what case. Then they discuss what they want out of it and the original broken law is plead down to something else so it keeps it off the offenders record but they still have to pay money to the court. I have been part of it when I was there to testify to one of my cases. I can only imagine it goes on the same in higher courts. It's a game so both sides feel they won. The offending driver gets to keep his license and the court gets it's money...it really solves nothing and the cycle repeats when the offender breaks the law again. If the driver would have been held to the original law he would be out of a job and he would no longer be breaking the law.....instead the cycle is to not take away his job and let him re-offend.....just like we are now doing by not locking up our criminals and letting them roam free.

    In Florida, simple traffic tickets are not crimes. They are called civil infractions. The point is to increase safety, not be draconian over a speeding infractio.

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