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  1. That's one of my main reasons for getting a gun! I have a Smith 500 too. The DE is more comfortable to shoot.
  2. The hardest thing about working on my DE was getting the stock grip off. Man, that was tough. I was sweating- literally. I installed the Hogue grip and it is much nicer. I also like that it converts from 50AE to 44mag by just dropping in another barrel. I wish I had the tiger strie tianium model though. That thing is cool.
  3. Try Green Spot Irish, if you can fond it. It has a sort of menthol quality. Really good single malt Irish. Yellow Spot s great, but I have never seen it in a store. Green Spot used to be available only in Ireland, but I've seen a bottle here and there lately.
  4. I don't really like that stuff. Too high a proof, and you really have to cut it down to be drinkable. I usually don't use ice- just a splash of water and the whiskey rocks. (Love those things) , I like the regular Knob Creek a lot though.
  5. The key plot point there is the running.
  6. I am not usually a fan of whiskey mixed with other things. I have a bottle of Bushmill's Honey. In my opinion, mixing perfectly good Irish Whiskey with honey ruins both the whiskey and honey. I also had a bottle of some sort of bourbon and maple syrup from Vermont. I drank it, but it really didn't do much for me, other than getting some alcohol in. But- I received a bottle of Sapling rye and maple syrup yesterday for a gift. Popped the cork on that baby yesterday, and let me tell you-- it wasn't that great. If I want to drink maple syrup, I can do so right out of the bottle. I like rye too, but mixing a so-so rye with maple syrup doesn't do anyone any good. Bourbon is the new "it" drink I guess. I got bourbon candy, honey and bourbon mixed together (from Kentucky), and blueberry bourbon jam (this was really good).
  7. No work until Thursday. Tonight me and the wife will have corn chowder. It seems to have become our own Christmas Eve tradition. Maybe some eggnog and rye. Tomorrow I'll make a quiche and muffins for breakfast, open some gifts, and then some sort of casserole for dinner. Just the two of us.
  8. Merry Christmas to you Chris. Thanks for hanging around.
  9. I was looking on Gun Broker at SKS prices. Holy mackerel! Those things have gone way up in price. The Russian guns are starting at around $600 and up. The Norincos and Yugos are still under $500, but just barely. If you don't have an SKS, these are great guns. Reliable, fun to shoot, pretty much indestructible. And, they have a bayonet! Same round as the AK, so your ammo can do double duty. Great truck guns too.
  10. Last call for photos. I will put the voting poll up around 6pm. Someone is going to get a really nice gun! ( not from this, just an observation in general)
  11. Pretty cool. By the way, precious gemstones hold value and are easily transportable as well.
  12. Well, since you sold the gun, you probbly have a couple of hundred uneeded magazines sitting around..........ready to send to Armory friends..
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